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    Question about 1994-95 Upper Deck Predictor Silver Prizes


    I have been wondering for a quite long time if there really are all of these sets listed in Beckett.

    I know for fact that there is silver prizes set H1-H15 and I remember seeing C1-C15 also, but does anybody know if the silver prize sets H16-H35 and C16-C35 really exists?

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    H in the number is for Hobby:
    1994-95 Upper Deck Predictor Hobby Exchange Silver

    C is for Canadian:
    1994-95 Upper Deck Predictor Canadian Exchange Silver

    Here two image from the canadian version:

    Note that these have red on the top right and the hobby version have blue on it.

    Here some hobby on COMC: 1994-95 Upper Deck Predictor Hobby Exchange Silver Hockey ...
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    Thanks for answer.

    I already knew these variations and how to spot the difference. What i ment to ask was if there really is these silver versions for cards numbered C16-C35 or H16-H35.

    Like in that COMC-link, there is only numbers up to H15, not bigger numbers. So if anyone has, (or knows for fact) that there are bigger number silver versions existing, that would help me to correct my Gretzky wantlist.


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