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    4 Boxes of 2012 EEE

    Hit 1 hot box, everything is FS. Taking whatever doesn't sell tonight to a local show tomorrow:

    Die-Cut Autos:
    Angel Ortega 2/100
    Deven Marrero 11/50
    Felipe Perez 38/100
    Chris Stratton 42/100
    Adrian Sampson Red Ink 13/25
    Aaron West 49/100
    Victor Roache 14/100
    Spencer Edwards 3/100

    Back To Te Future Auto:
    Justin Bour 203/499
    Tommy Shirley 272/699
    Daniel Norris 235/290

    Prospects Auto:
    Alex Yarbrough 252/782
    Ross Stripling 296/760
    Jamie Jarmon 304/580
    Kenny Diekroeger 464/793
    Jamie Callahan 42/766
    Josh Turley 554/799
    Collin Wiles 358/622
    Tim Cooney 12/792
    Austin Maddox 250/352
    Austin Aune 394/699
    Daniel Robertson 183/589

    Franchise Futures Auto:
    Alex Muren 210/788
    Cory Jones 420/781
    Drew VerHagen 666/699
    Will Clinard 601/790
    Felipe Perez 473/799
    Addison Russell 3/250
    Ronnie Freeman 11/290
    Robert Refsnyder 699/799

    USA Auto/Jersey 18u:
    Reese McGuire 136/249

    Other Insert Autos:
    Victor Roache Elite Series 11/99

    Die-Cut Parallels:
    Aaron West 7/10
    Justin Chigbogu 6/10

    Will upload some scans in a few

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    Can you do Austin Aune and Deven Marrero for $11 DLVD?
    I collect Trevor May,​Drew Doughty

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    Pm me what you want for the russell
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    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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    i would be interested in any of them that are Cardinal prospects
    Bucket: updated 12-15-14
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    Wix Site: Updated 12-1-14
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    Looking specifically for Cardinal autos I don't have, but will trade for most current players anyway!!!
    Also nicer Cardinal inserts,etc.

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    I am interested in this one plus any base/inserts of Boston prospects and Scott Oberg:
    Jamie Callahan 42/766

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