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    Quote Originally Posted by Rybowski View Post
    LaMichael James fumble, they were moving the ball easily against the Ravens D.

    Depending on what the Ravens do here that could be a huge fumble as the 49ers looked poised to easily score a TD on that drive
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    Ravens 14-3 now and Flacco is on FIRE so far
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    Gutsy and STUPID call on the kicker running instead of taking the FG. Though he would have had the first down if that guy on the Ravens could actually block.
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    Another great TD for Flacco. Once again poor tackling from the 49ers this time.
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    Half the power just went out.....
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    So Jim Harbaugh's last ditch attempt was to cut the power to the stadium?

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    Haha, i am surprised that it isn't figured out yet. Who knows how long it will be till the game gets started again?
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