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    I cant believe some doubt it

    Today I got an email from a friend of mine that doubts that I have over 1 Million cards in my collection. I basically told him if ya do all the factoring out of all the sets I own its easy to state that case. He then replied to show my work on how I can factor it. So I ll give you a Readers Digest condensed version in how I get to that figure and let you descide if I am right or they are.

    First off I have complete sets from Topps along with the traded sets as well from 1974 to the Present day so lets look at the #s of those sets

    1974-660 with the traded of 44 cards as well makes that set to 704
    1976-660 with traded of 44 cards makes another 704
    1979-727(I have both varations of the Bump Willis card in the set)
    1981-726 with the traded of 132
    1982-792 with the traded of 132
    1983-792 with the traded of 132
    1984-792 with the traded of 132

    I could go on and on with that list but thats just a start of 7,811 and I have all the Fleer from 1981-1995 along with the updates they came out as well and all the Donruss from 1981-1994 UpperDeck sets from 1989-1994 Sportflics 1986-1990 and then again in 1995 Score from 1988-1994. So I dont want to bore you but still I am way over 1 Million and we havent gotten to the 2013s stuff awaiting for me to obtain.

    So I concluded in sending a final email to them stating so whos the collector then ya Smelly Old Beaver(use your thoughts well on it family policlies prohibit me from saying the real words *lol*) So like I tell people ya can talk all ya want but I can back it with that talk. So whose side are you on mine or theirs.
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    I believe it! You collect one complete set and you're already at 600, and most everyone has at least 10 completed sets, that's 6% to 1 million right there
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    ive got about about 40,000 right now, but i had about 100,000 at 1 time....wasnt all that many cards tbh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood42 View Post
    I believe it! You collect one complete set and you're already at 600, and most everyone has at least 10 completed sets, that's 6% to 1 million right there
    Actually, 10 sets of 600, or 6,000 cards, is only .6% of 1 million. 60,000 cards would be 6%. Even 100,000 would only be 10%.

    One million of anything is an enormous number.

    Assuming 700 cards in a complete set, one would need almost 1,430 complete sets to accrue 1 million cards. Over the course of 60 years of card-making, than would mean 24 complete sets per year.
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    I've collected for over 20 years and was almost at 2 million about four years ago. To save space I donated all my junk wax cards - over 1 million 1988-1993 Donruss, Fleer, Score, Topps, Upper Deck, etc. since then. Now I'm down to a much more manageable 200K or so.
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    He probably doesn't believe you because a lot of people equate cards with money. But what they don't realize is that many of the cards especially ones from the 80s and early 90s are essentially worthless. So you can pick up tons and tons of that stuff for nothing. But to the non collector they think something that old must have value so for you to have that many you must be super rich when in reality you can get many base sets for really cheap sometimes just a little over the cost of shipping. So the guy probably thinks a million cards means you have over a million dollars which is why he isn't buying it.
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    A friend of mine runs the LCS and he has around 3 million cards in his inventory. One million cards is alot of cards but not an unbelievable amount for one to have, I believe you.
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    I got 34k categorized here now. I figure I really got over 100k in cards. A million or more cards isn't out of the question, it's 200 5000ct boxes. Now, one million DIFFERENT cards, that would be really impressive. Even more impressive to categorize and sort that many cards.... :D

    PS - And 10 sets is about 0.7% of a million, 99.3% to go... :D

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    I believe you,my 50 33 gallon tubs full of cards tells me it is possible.
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