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    1941 Goudey fair condition

    I got this years ago when I was a novice. It is a 1941 Goudey R324 Red. I got it because it said
    28 Cubs Catcher at the top and I thought it was Al Todd.
    Later I found out that these were poorly cut and looked more closely. At the bottom I can just barely make out the top of Stanley Andrews. I looked up the 1941 Goudey and the picture indeed is Stanley Andrews. It is stained, probably gum stains.
    A cold icy day and I started though some of my older stuff and came across this with my notes.

    Anyhow, I would trade it for a vintage Cub. He is a SP but is stained and, as I said, badly cut.

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    You can cmb in the baseball sub folder for cubs if you like?Thanks,Tim
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    Do you have a scan? I may be interested, depending on the value you want from it.


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    I can't figure out how to upload a scan on this reply so will send you an email.
    Can't figure out how to add scan to email either. Says file is too big.
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