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    Assorted Baseballs diffrent years diffrent teams alot Of Red Sox

    I have the following Collectable baseballs and Bobble Heads
    For Trade or Sell

    Montreal Expos Dated 01/08/99 [on wood stand]

    Player Balls have Picture of Player there Stats and A Facsimile Auto.
    All say Commemorative Edition all in clear plastic Ball Holders:
    Unless other wise noted

    Black and White Picture.
    Nolan Ryan [on wood stand]
    Willie Keeler [on wood stand]
    Willie Mays [on wood stand]
    Roger Clemens [on wood stand]
    IRON MEN Gehrig#4 Ripkin#8 [on wood stand]
    Mo Vaughn [on wood stand]
    Jose Canseco [In Plastic Ball Holder]
    Mike Greenwell [In Plastic Ball Holder]
    Nolan Ryan Dairy Queen CMN Champions [on wood stand]

    Colored Pictures
    Mike Greenwell [on plastic stand]
    Wade Boggs [on plastic stand]
    Roger Clemens [on plastic stand]
    Ellis Burks [on plastic stand]
    Official Ball 1994 WORLD SERIES [on plastic stand]
    New York Yankees Collectable Ball [Still in Original Plastic Package]
    Fenway Park COLORED Ball [In Plastic Ball Holder]
    Boston Red Sox Colored Ball “B” [In Plastic Ball Holder]
    Boston Red Sox Colored Ball “RED SOX” [In Plastic Ball Holder]

    MINOR League Ball #18,#4 & #14 [on wood stand]
    TEAM AUTO Wade Boggs, Bob Stanley, Dave Stapleton LOTS MORE [on wood stand]
    TEAM AUTO Jay Bell, Michael Huff LOTS MORE [on wood stand]

    RicoPetro Celli [on plastic stand]
    OFFICIAL American League Ball Hitch

    Official League Ball
    UN Played and also a
    Played ball. I am guessing it came from
    a Red Sox game as this was where he went
    on a regular basis.

    I also have these Bobble Heads.
    They came out of POST cereal Boxes the date
    on the bottom says 2002.
    they measure 3" tall.
    C. Jones #10 Braves
    M. Piazza #31 Mets
    B. Williams #51 NY
    Nationals All Star Game #02
    American All tar Game #02

    I will trade for NASCAR I know nothing about these balls or Bobbles.
    I am strictly NASCAR.
    I also will sell trade CHEAP I want these gone.
    A family member died awhile ago and I ended up with
    these and a few other baseball items.
    But You can get some super deals on these if you want to buy/Trade these.

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    You can cmb for the bobbleheads if you like!Thanks,Tim
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    Collecting Braves/Falcons/UGA/Hawks/Thrashers/GU/Autos or Vintage
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