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    Contenders, Luxury Suite, Pinnacle

    Opened a couple of boxes today, really enjoyed the Pinnacle boxes :) Everything is FT for Tobias Enstrom, or FS.

    10-11 Zenith Blaster and 10-11 Score Rookies and Traded

    11-12 Pinnacle Box 1

    11-12 Pinnacle Box 2

    11-12 Pinnacle Box 3

    11-12 Contenders

    10-11 Luxury Suite

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    Tobias Enstrom PC excl. 1/1: 162/214 = 75,7%
    Tobias Enstrom PC incl. 1/1: 168/283 = 59,4%

  2. Kronozio
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    Those Pinnacle boxes look like a blast! Very fun break, nice job!

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    nice miller !!
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    Collecting: Ultimate ARP /25, FWA PATCH/100, CUP ROOKIES+MORE

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    Thanks! Yeah, the pinnacle boxes were really fun, got some nice cards out of them :)

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    Nice stuff!

    Who is the fan of the game auto redemption for?
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    I only collect rc's of the top players, from each year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habitforming View Post
    Nice stuff!

    Who is the fan of the game auto redemption for?
    Thanks! Should be Heidi Androl if I'm not mistaken

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