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    First Box Break in 15 Years.....!!!


    I'm in NY. Stopped collecting when I was a kid.

    11-12 Hoops (Bkb)

    and 02-03 SP Auth. (Bkb)

    Will post pics if this damn site'll let me...

    1.) JEREMY LIN AUTO (worth 100+$ and I'm getting it graded)
    2.) JEREMY LIN BASE (plus others)
    4.) DUNCAN & DIRK SP'S #'D TO 2000
    5.) BRAND SP SPECIAL #'D TO 100

  2. Packrip
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    Welcome to SCF

    Sorry about the 10 post rule it is used to stop spammers
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    ummm right

    thanks for being rude & not telling me about the move or asking if its ok.

    i cant even post here i dont think

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    Welcome back to the hobby. Congrats on the Lin auto. Not sure where you originally posted this, but all box break threads are automatically moved to the respective sport where it pertains - not a rude gesture by the mod, just a way to keep stuff organized. You're able to post here, and you'll be able to post pics after you reach ten posts, IIRC.
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    well w/e man he took the time to randomly bother me about my supposed "profile" so he couldve atleast been decent and told me about the move.

    that's all...

    n thnx for the grats. gonna get it graded...

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    Welcome aboard! The Lin auto is awesome! congrats! You have to go through a little "initiation" when you first get here, you will find, its truly worth it though. I too have been out of the hobby for 15+ years, and just started back into it. This site and its members are making it worth it. Post what grade you get on the Lin, i'd like to see it.

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    lol np man.

    im guessin its gonna be about 9-9.5.

    prolly worth about 2-250 after mint grade. ;

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    Hello! Goodbye!
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