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  1. #171 I have to give up my top 2 in fairness to them because otherwise would look like I cheated them !
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    I no longer buy from ANYONE unless it is through paypal. Thanks for your understanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlhdaman View Post I have to give up my top 2 in fairness to them because otherwise would look like I cheated them !
    You could explain to them what happened, show them the video, and then random your spots with them. I know it's not ideal but that's a fair way to do it.
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
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    Lets keep it moving if we can guys. We can break saturday if the draft is finished.

    1.spydermat - COLTS
    2. Raw5060.
    3. bradyfanatic1224
    4. patriotsguy
    5. spydermat
    6. mattleegee
    7. SgtAJC
    8. echunks
    9. mullerr
    10. patriotsguy
    11. NBSII
    12. dimsey
    13. arfmax
    14. Raw5060
    15. SgtAJC
    16. dlhdaman
    17. dlhdaman
    18. texastexanCC
    19. BayAreaJavy
    20. dlhdaman
    21. deansayso
    22. texastexanCC
    23. Raw5060
    24. Afrank45
    25. deansayso
    26. mattleegee
    27. echunks
    28. dlhdaman
    29. Jazzer540
    30. bscook86
    31. dlhdaman
    32. Christianfriend
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    49ers please
    I Collect MJD Patches and Autos!
    * Heisman Trophy Winner Autos (including Bush) 30/75 = 40%
    * 2011 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Patches 7/13 = 54%

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    Looking for Paul Richardson!
    [Need: 2014 Chrome Camo /499]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ufgator12279 View Post
    8 please
    Woah, I paid and I'm not on the list??

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    Guys, something's wrong. I checked my post, trade manager, and Paypal. All confirmed, I paid $83 and I didn't make the random??

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    8. mullerr (PAID)

    I paid for 8, is this me? Did you confuse me with another guy?

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    I guess I'll wait to pick until Steven confirms the above issue...

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    I had not seen your payment. Ufgator. That is your spot. Mullerr is being issued a refund.
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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