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    My First Customs

    Here are my attempts at doing customs. These printed out as 4x6 because I wanted to get more bang for my buck.

    Austin Kearns

    Bill Doran

    Otis Birdsong
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    Bob Boone
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    Marty Brennaman
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    Here is a custom 8x10 I did to go with my Adrian Beltre index card, I plan on using this as a template for my other Index Cards I receive. What do yall think?

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    I am working on a custom to send to some college players, which one looks better...
    The "Attempted Dragonize" on the left...
    or The "Normal Cutout" on the right?

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    I like the Attempted Dragonize on the left.

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    Try the Gritty effect on
    Every curse, lie, violation of our lives. Every careless shallow breath,
    Corruption of our minds. All the blood and the shame, defamation of name.
    The weight of a wicked world embodied on a thankless crucifix

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    I just tried that site, very good advice! Ill post my final when finished. Thanks Jake!

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    I tried out the picnik site and used the HDR-ish (on left) and Gritty on right. I'm favoring the Left... What do yall think?

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    I like that Beltre design. I used something similar to that a few years back and liked how they turned out. Can you adjust the banner at the bottom to match the card colors? You have a nice red/white/blue card with a maroon/gold banner. Good job overall regardless!

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