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    Clear Cut Quarter Custom?

    So I was bored this morning and was messing around when I thought of making a clear cut card. On my desk I had a bunch of quarters so I said how can I incorporate a quarter into a card? So i decided to go with a state quarter with a player that plays for that team. Here's a rough example. Let me know what you guys think.

    I used a card protector as the clear plastic between cards for the sig. I'd have to do some neater cutting with an exacto knife but I think it looks pretty cool.

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    Lol just thought this would maybe be better for a QB card?

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    It's a cool idea, but defs some work to do. I really like the idea though
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    Very rough draft. Any ideas that would make it look better?

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    i believe pinnacle made coin cards in the 90's but great idea!

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    Damn my original idea became not so original. Oh well. Fun little project.

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    how about turning that area into some type of seal or badge. It would like awesome

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    A metal team pin would look sick like that. Just a thought, really neat idea though.
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    Lol just saw Topps Magic FB is releasing coin cards. Thats my luck.

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