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Thread: SP Game Used 5 Box Break

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    SP Game Used 5 Box Break

    Hey guys. Here are the highlights. Could have been worse I guess. The Canada jersey is a 5 player.

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    "Could've been worse" is an understatement. LOL

    Any Habs hits in there?
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    Sure but I didn't see anything interesting in your freewebs.

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    looks like you did pretty well on your main hits!
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    it deff. could have been worse! im not a huge fan of those twig cards but they sell veryyyy well,especially gretzky.Not too many cards of belfour in a hawks jersey. im sure you were looking for better, but looking at the checklist you did very good
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    If the Belfour is available, let me know. Got a nice auto of his, but I like this one more.
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