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    Grandson knocked some cards off my desk...

    Give me your player wantlists from 2012 and I'll see what are damaged if you want them. GU and auto's!!
    check my bucket:

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    Sorry to hear that. :( Any Dez Bryant in those stacks?

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    Dez Bryant * Michael Irvin * Texas Rangers * Dallas Mavericks
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    COLLECTING:*R.Wilson*T.Y. Hilton*Zach Ertz*Andre Ellington*C.Patterson(vikings)*Andre Williams*Jordan matthews*
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    Sorry to hear it but Packers please
    I collect comic books also graded cards-all 4 sports .
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    Thats too bad. Id take any Broncos if ya got some, thanks!
    I collect: WWE/TNA, Peyton Manning 2012-up , Montee Ball, Elway, Demaryius, Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Welker 2013, Montana, Cordarrelle Patterson, Nick Foles, Lacy, Sakic, Patrick Roy, Dale Jr, Jeff Gordon, MJ, Rockies, Nolan Arenado, Griffey Jr, Ripken Jr, Lawson, Faried,

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    Any CHIEFS or RAMS? Sorry to hear about the mishap.
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    I'm a set builder. Anything this years limited?
    Tradelist Link:
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    Bucket Link (PC):
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    No Paypal gift, either way here! Sorry!

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