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    12-13 Sp Game Used box and Series 1 packs

    All is available FT/FS

    Hidden Content : 265/302= 87.74% (NOT INCLUDING 1/1S AND PRINTING PLATES) + 12 1/1s
    Hidden Content Count: 1414 cards! + 5 1/1s
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    very nice box of SPGU! and nice hit on the HG
    Collecting 13-14 Upper Deck Series 1 Shining Stars RAINBOWS: 50/50 (100% complete). And now the fun is over, so it's available ft/Fs as a set only.

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    Well rounded box! Nice HG hit also

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    ALWAYS LOOKING FOR Stephen Harper, Frazer McLaren, Nicklas Backstrom, and any Lacrosse cards!

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