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    Anyone else go to Tigerfest? How did you do?

    I have not figured out how to get pictures on here yet, or I would show you guys. We waited outside for almost 2 hours before the gates opened. The first line we got in had Phil Coke and Jeff Jones (Pitching Coach). I was disappointed. Already had Coke, and didn't want Jones. But much to my delight, they switched out. There was about 5 minutes before anyone came in, and all the sudden the crowd cheered. Jim Leyand and Gene Lamont walked in. I already have both of them, but I did want another Leyland so I was ok with it. But they weren't there for autos, they were cutting through to do an interview with a local radio guy. We waited another 30 minutes before anyone came out. The crowd roared as Torri Hunter and Duane Below came in. I was very happy with this! I got 4 Allen Ginter cards signed by Hunter, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012 versions. I got a team ball signed by Below. Next lineme and my girlfrien went together, and my brother and his buddy went together. My girlfrien and I had to choose between orange and pink line. We choose Pink, bad choice! 5 minutes later Prince Fielder and Rafeal Belliard went to the orange table! Just missed! We got Drew Smyly, Manny Mercedes, and Al Alberqueque. Got Manny and Al on the team ball, Drew on the team ball, and on sweet spot of another ball. My brother and his buddy picked the wrong line too. They could have got Austin Jackson, instead got Brennan Boesch. My brother was lucky enough to find a guy to trade him though, so I got a Austin Jackson on a 2010 Ginter and Boesch on his 2012 Ginter. Only had time for one more line each. My girlfriend and I got Bruce Rondon, and Bryan Holliday. Got them both on the team ball, and Rondon on a sweet spot. My brother and his friend had Rafeal Belliard and Manny Mercedes in their line! Worst line I ever seen at Tigerfest! I told them to get out of line, I don't need those guys. I hope next yeear they change the format. I would love to know who I am getting, even if I had to pay to get who I want. It sucks to wait 2 hours for guys you don't want, and they were trying to enforce once you are in line you can't leave. Had a good time all in all, but could be much better!

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    Where and when was this held?
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    Saturday at comerica park. Sold out in minutes.

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    They also passed out free Triple Crown banners with Cabrera stats on them.

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    I knew about it , Only problem , I live in South Dakota now . Sure wish I could have gone ! I lived in Michigan 40+ years & moved due to work.
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