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Thread: Why am I so WEAK??????

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    Why am I so WEAK??????

    I couldn't even last a month without buying something. Seriously, that hoarder/addiction group in Langley is starting to look good.

    BUT how could I pass up a Jacques Plante jersey card for 24 bucks???

    How could anyone?????
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    What a good deal! I tried to slow my spending,but once the season started too many nice cards popped up.You may be out some money,but you cant pass up deals like that!
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    So I was winning that card....I went to go eat dinner...and forgot to bid in time lol...glad to see it went to another Plante collector...I was thinking the same thing??? That is a great price for a nice card...congrats

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    Crazy good price for a beautiful piece of vintage! Nicely done my friend.
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    Yesssss, that's it, keep encouraging me, THAT'LL keep me out of bankruptcy :p

    I put in a last second bid of $55+ and the price jumped from $20 to $24.........could not believe it :)
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    I guess that's a neat price for a Plante jersey card. Just remember, Eddy, if you ever feel like returning to the card hobby, you're always welcome here on SCF!

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    A month, cant even do a week here lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by aspencer528 View Post
    A month, cant even do a week here lately

    Hahahaaa, I read that and clicked on your eBay link to see if you had anything for sale. Mannnnn, i need to find a distraction. Or a hobby. Wait, what???
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    I needed to do ten posts before I could click on the hidden links, this was one of them...I've never sold anything on Ebay, just buy. I do have cards to sell/trade but I work outta town for weeks at a time, so am consigning my cards to local shop to sell online for me soon enough.

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    Eddy-If you find one of the few Plante/Bernie Parent cards, you might have a challenge...
    Collecting ALL the Ron Hextall cards...and other Philadelphia Flyers goalies, too.

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