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    Brewers announce uniform design winner!

    Congratulations to Ben Peters of Richfield Minn. (Milwaukee Brewers)It’s official. After two months of sfiting through submissions, tallying votes and weighing the opinions of an esteemed panel of judges, the Milwaukee Brewers announced the winner of their “Design a YOUniform” contest on Sunday morning. Naturally, the fans and judges ended up going in a different direction than I was leaning when they revealed the three finalists. They decided it was Richfield, Minn. resident Ben Peters who impressed them the most, and after seeing his design come to life at the reveal it’s difficult to argue with their pick.
    The cream-colored button-up jersey and navy blue cap look terrific. As does the fancy patch with the barrelman logo that will go on the left sleeve. That's the detail Peters seems to be most proud of.
    “I’ve always loved vintage designs and the Barrelman logo was always a neat look” said Peters. “I wish I knew the name of the person who originally designed the Barrelman logo because I would like to thank him for inspiring me.”
    Here’s a closer look at said patch:
    (Milwaukee Brewers)All in all it’s really is a nice uniform, and the Brewers will look good sporting it during two of their exhibition games this spring. The first will be on March 22 in Phoenix at Maryvale Baseball Park against the Chicago Cubs, which Peters and one guest will be flown in to attend. The other will be on March 30 at Miller Park when they face the Chicago White Sox.
    We should also note who some of the more prominent judges involved in the selection process were. At the head of that list was Brewers reliever John Axford, who had the duty of announcing the winner at the Brewers “On Deck” event. General Manager Doug Melvin and Brewers chief operating officer Rick Schlesinger were also involved along with representatives from New Era and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    (Milwaukee Brewers)
    I must say, I like the look of this one!

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    To kiddish for me, but I bet it'll sell.

    I like how they picked Lucroy!
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    Not digging the cap, but I love the jersey, and especially that awesome sleeve patch!
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    The cap is very "Minor League"

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    The jersey is very nice looking but that cap looks like something a 4 year old would wear
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    Can't really understand what the head is on that thing... but I like the barrel tribute!
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    i like it!

    always thought the brewers have had some of the best uniforms.
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    Like the jersey but not the hat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clemson2012 View Post
    Like the jersey but not the hat
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    can't stand the nose. I loved the old ball and glove. The hidden M and B made that logo an all time classic. I think they should go back to that.

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