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    Who wants to buy this? 20$

    Name a reasonable price if you don't like 20$
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    I like 8x10s autographs and collect Milwaukee Brewers and Admirals, Green Bay Packers players. And any former/current Wisconsin Badgers, Florida Gators, and Texas Longhorns. PC-Tim Tebow, Ricky Proehl, Clay Matthews, Russell Wilson,and Jerry Hairston Jr.

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    ? How many cards are in that link

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    i clicked it and only 1 lol
    I collect- Any 49ers contenders autos. Also collect Janoris Jenkins

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    is the whole lot up with the james auto?
    Instead of running away please feel free to counter offer my offers.A deal can always be made

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    if its all 65 cards pictured in the link, post it up
    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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