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    HUGE baseball sell list...signed HOF, rookie, star cards! Help me get rid of these!

    Looking to sell these off. Most of the stuff I can let go cheap. Some of it (harder names) we can talk prices. Let me know what you like

    Aceves Alfredo 2011 Topps Blue
    Adams Russ 2005 Topps Blue
    Adams Russ 2006 Bowman Blue
    Adams Russ 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Albers Matt 2005 Topps Blue
    Almanzar Michael 2008 Projections Blue
    Alvarez Abe 2005 Diamond Kings Blue
    Alvarez Abe 2004 Portland TS Black
    Alvarez Abe 2005 Donruss Studio Black
    Alvarez Abe 2005 Donruss Blue
    Alvarez Abe 2006 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Anderson Bryan 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Anderson Lars 2008 Donruss Threads Blue
    Anderson Garrett 2001 Topps Blue
    Anderson Lars 2010 Bowman Topps 100 Blue
    Andrus Elvis 2006 Prospects Plus Blue
    Andrus Elvis 2006 Just Minors Blue
    Andrus Elvis 2009 Topps T206 Blue
    Angeloni Clay 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Antonelli Matt 2006 Tristar Prospects Plus Blue
    Apodaca Juan 2009 Portland TS Blue
    Arrieta Jake 2008 Bowman Blue
    Arrieta Jake 2007 Prospects Plus Blue
    Arroyo Bronson 2005 Topps Blue
    Avila Alex 2011 Topps Blue
    Aybar Erick 2006 Bowman Blue
    Bagwell Jeff 2001 Fleer Showcase Black
    Bailey Jeff 2000 Topps Black
    Bailey Jeff 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Bailey Jeff 2007 Topps 52 Blue
    Bailey Jeff 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Bailey Homer 2007 Topps Heritage Blue
    Baker Brad 2000 Topps Blue
    Baker Brad 2006 Pawtucket TS Black
    Baker Scott 2006 Fleer Blue
    Baker Scott 2005 Internatonal League TP Black
    Baker Jeff 2005 Upper Deck Blue
    Balester Colin 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Banks Josh 2003 Bowman Blue
    Banuelos Manny 2011 Bowman Blue
    Bard Daniel 2004 UD SP Prospects USA Blue
    Bard Daniel 2011 Gypsy Queen Blue
    Barmes Clint 2006 Bowman Blue
    Barnes Matt 2010 Topps USA Blue
    Barnes Matt 2010 Bowman Platinum USA Blue
    Barnese Nick 2007 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Bartlett Jason 2006 Topps Blue
    Barton Brian 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Bates Aaron 2006 Just Rookies Blue
    Bates Aaron 2009 Topps T206 Blue
    Bausher Tim 2004 Upper Deck Black
    Bausher Tim 2005 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Beam TJ 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Beato Pedro 2008 Projections Blue
    Beato Pedro 2007 Prospects Plus Blue
    Beato Pedro 2011 Bowman Draft Blue
    Beato Pedro 2007 Bowman Draft Blue
    Beavan Blake 2008 Projections Blue
    Bell Rob 2000 Topps Blue
    Bell Bubba 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Blue
    Bell Bubba 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Bell Bubba 2007 Just Rookies Blue
    Bell Bubba 2007 Cal League TP Blue
    Bell Bubba 2008 Projections Black
    Bell Bubba 2009 Portland TS Blue
    Bell Josh 2008 Projections Blue
    Bell Heath 2011 Topps Blue
    Bell Heath 2012 Gypsy Queen Blue
    Bellhorn Mark 2005 Topps Total Black
    Beltran Carlos 2006 Bowman Blue
    Beltre Adrian 2005 Topps Black
    Beltre Adrian 2004 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Berg Dave 2003 Topps Black
    Bermudez Ronald 2011 Bowman Black
    Betances Dellin 2005 USA Blue
    Betances Dellin 2006 Just Rookies Black
    Biddle Jesse 2010 Bowman Black
    Bierd Randor 2008 UD SP Rookie Blue
    Bladergroen Ian 2005 Topps Blue
    Blair Carson 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Blair Carson 2010 Bowman Blue
    Blalock Hank 2002 Topps Black
    Blanton Joe 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Bogaerts Xander 2012 Topps Heritage MiLB Blue
    Boone Bret 2001 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Borchard Joe 2002 Topps Blue
    Borowiak Zach 2003 Lowell TS Black
    Bottalico Ricky 2002 Topps Blue
    Bowden Michael 2005 Bowman Black bubbled
    Bowden Michael 2008 Projections Blue
    Bowden Michael 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Bowden Michael 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Bowden Michael 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Bowden Michael 2007 Lancaster TS Blue
    Braden Dallas 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Braden Dallas 2007 Bowman Blue
    Bradley Jackie 2012 Portland TS Blue
    Bradley Jr. Jackie 2012 Topps Heritage MiLB Blue Full Sig
    Bradley Jr. Jackie 2012 Topps Heritage MiLB Black Full Sig
    Bradley Jr. Jackie 2010 Topps USA Black
    Braun Ryan 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Brentz Bryce 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Breslow Craig 2006 Fleer Blue
    Breslow Craig 2006 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Breslow Craig 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Breslow Craig 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Breslow Craig 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Britton Drake 2008 Projections Blue
    Britton Drake 2011 Bowman Blue
    Brooks Conor 2005 Portland TS Black
    Brown Dusty 2003 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Brown Dusty 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Brown Dusty 2003 Bowman Black
    Brown Marty 2005 Internatonal League TP Blue
    Buchholz Clay 2007 Bowman Draft Blue
    Buchholz Clay 2007 Portland Team Set Black
    Buchholz Clay 2006 Greeneville Team Set Blue
    Buck John 2010 Topps Blue
    Buehrle Mark 2005 Turkey Red Blue
    Bullington Bryan 2006 Fleer Blue
    Burke Chris 2007 A&G Blue
    Burkhart Morgan 2000 Pawtucket TS Black faded
    Burks Ellis 2001 Topps Heritage Blue
    Burnett AJ 2005 Topps Total Black
    Butler Billy 2005 Topps Update Blue
    Butler Billy 2006 Bowman Draft Blue
    Butler Dan 2010 Greenville TS Blue
    Butler Billy 2012 A&G Blue
    Byrnes Eric 2006 Topps Bue
    Cabrera Daniel 2005 Donruss Team Heroes Blue
    Cabrera Asdrubal 2006 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Cabrera Fernando 2005 Bowman Blue
    Cabrera Melky 2011 Gypsy Queen Blue
    Cabrera Miguel 2008 A&G Blue
    Cahill Trevor 2009 Topps T206 Blue
    Cain Matt 2002 Justifiable Blue
    Cain Lorenzo 2011 Topps Diamond Blue
    Cain Matt 2006 Bowman Blue thin
    Calloway Ron 2002 Topps Blue
    Capuano Chris 2006 A&G Blue
    Cark Tony 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Carmona Fausto 2005 Bowman Blue
    Carpenter Andrew 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Carpenter Andrew 2007 Just Minors Blue
    Carpenter Chris 2006 A&G Blue
    Carrasco Carlos 2007 Bowman Draft Black
    Carrasco Carlos 2007 FSL Top Prospects Black
    Carrasco Carlos 2006 Prospects Plus Blue
    Carrasco Carlos 2008 Projections Blue
    Carrasco Carlos 2006 Bowman Blue
    Carter Chris 2004 Just Minors Blue
    Carter Chris 2008 Bowman Chrome Black
    Casey Sean 2006 Fleer Ultra Blue
    Castillo Luis 2006 Bowman Blue
    Casto Kory 2007 Internatonal League TP Blue
    Catalanatto Frank 2002 Topps Bue
    Catalanatto Frank 2006 Fleer Blue
    Catalanotto Frank 2007 A&G Blue
    Cecchini Garin 2011 Bowman Blue
    Cecchini Garin 2012 Topps Heritage MiLB Blue
    Cecil Brett 2007 Elite blue
    Cecil Brett 2008 Projections Blue
    Celestino Miguel 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Cervenka Hunter 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Chavez Endy 2005 Topps Blue
    Chavez Eric 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Chen Bruce 2000 Topps Blue
    Chen Chia-Chu 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Chen Bruce 2011 Topps Blue
    Cherry Rocky 2007 Topps Black
    Chiang Chih-Hsien 2008 Projections Black
    Childers Jason 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Choi Hee-Seop 2005 Topps Update Blue
    Cintron Alex 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Cirillo Jeff 2001 Fleer Tradition Black
    Claus Todd 2005 Portland TS Black
    Cleven Brent 2006 Eastern League TP Blue
    Clippard Tyler 2006 Eastern League TP Blue
    Coats Buck 2005 Topps Blue
    Collins Tim 2011 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Colon Roman 2004 Upper Deck Blue
    Concepcion Alberto 2005 Portland TS Black
    Contreras Jose 2004 Upper Deck Black
    Cook Aaron 2007 Fleer Blue
    Cora Alex 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Cordero Chad 2005 UD SPx Blue thin
    Cordero Francisco 2004 Topps Black
    Corey Bryan 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Corey Bryan 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Corey Bryan 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Corsaletti Jeff 2005 Justifiable Blue
    Corsaletti Jeff 2008 Portland TS Blue
    Costanzo Mike 2005 Topps Blue
    Costanzo Mike 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Cotts Neal 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Couch Keith 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Coyle Sean 2009 UD USA Blue
    Coyle Sean 2011 Topps Heritage MiLB Blue
    Crain Jesse 2005 Topps Blue
    Crawford Carl 2011 Gypsy Queen Blue
    Crisp Coco 2005 Turkey Red Black
    Crozier Eric 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Cruz Nelson 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue
    Cuddyer Michael 2006 Fleer Blue
    Culberson Charlie 2008 Projections Blue
    Daeges Zach 2008 Projections Blue
    Daeges Zach 2006 Bowman Blue
    Daeges Zach 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Damon Johnny 2005 Topps Total Black
    Daniel Michael 2008 Bowman Black
    Danielson Sean 2008 Bowman Black
    D'Arnaud Travis 2011 Topps Pro Debut Blue
    Daubach Brian 1999 Pawtucket TS Black
    Daubach Brian 2002 Topps Black
    Davis Chris 2008 TriStar Projections Blue
    DeJesus David 2006 A&G Blue
    Delcarmen Manny 2005 Portland TS Black
    DelCarmen Manny 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Delgado Carlos 2006 Bowman Blue
    Dempster Ryan 2009 A&G Blue
    Dempster Ryan 2011 A&G Blue
    Dent Ryan 2007 Prospects Plus Blue
    Dent Ryan 2008 Projections Blue
    Deschenes Marc 2005 Portland TS Black
    Deschenes Marc 2006 Pawtucket TS Black
    Diaz Einar 2000 Topps Blue
    DiNardo Lenny 2005 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Dirks Andy 2011 Topps Blue
    Dittler Jake 2005 Bazooka Blue
    Dlugach Brent 2007 Bowman Black
    Dobies Andrew 2004 Just Blue
    Dobies Andrew 2007 Bowman Blue
    Donald Jason 2006 Bowman Chrome Black
    Dotel Octavio 2005 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Doubront Felix 2009 Portland Team Set Blue
    Downs Scott 2012 Topps Heritage Blue
    Drese Ryan 2002 Topps Black
    Duke Zack 2006 Topps Heritage Blue
    Duncan Eric 2004 Cracker Jack Blue
    Duncan Chris 2007 Fleer Black
    Durbin Chris 2005 Portland TS Blue
    Eckstein David 2004 UD Vintage Black
    Egan Jon 2005 Bowman Heritage Black
    Ellsbury Jacoby 2005 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Ellsbury Jacoby 2007 Pawtucket Team Set Black
    Engel Reid 2005 Bowman Blue
    Engel Reid 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Ensberg Morgan 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Erstad Darin 2000 Fleer Tradition Black
    Escobar Alcides 2010 Topps T206 Blue
    Estrada Johnny 2005 Topps Black
    Estrada Johnny 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Evans Dwight 1987 Diamond Kings Black
    Everett Carl 2000 Topps Black
    Everett Carl 2000 Victory Black
    Exposito Luis 2009 Projections Blue
    Exposito Luis 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Federowicz Tim 2008 Donruss Elite Blue
    Fick Robert 2004 Topps Blue
    Fick Robert 2003 Topps Blue
    Fidrych Mark 2005 Topps Pristine Blue
    Fielder Prince 2008 Topps Heritage Baseball Thrills Blue
    Fielder Prince 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Fiorentino Jeff 2007 Fleer Blue
    Floyd Gavin 2004 Upper Deck Black
    Foulke Keith 2004 Upper Deck Black bubbled
    Fox Stephen 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Francis Jeff 2006 A&G Black
    Francoeur Jeff 2006 Fleer Black
    Francoeur Jeff 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Francoeur Jeff 2012 Gypsy Queen Blue
    Freeman Freddie 2012 A&G Blue
    Fuentes Brian 2006 Fleer Blue
    Fuld Sam 2011 Topps Blue
    Gabbard Kason 2006 Upper Deck Black
    Gabbard Kason 2005 Portland TS Black
    Gabbard Kason 2006 Topps Blue
    Garces Rich 1991 Stadium Club Blue Thin
    Garces Rich 1998 Pawtucket TS Blue Thin
    Garcia Joantoni 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Garcia Jose 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Garciaparra Nomar 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Garland Jon 2006 A&G Blue
    Garrison Seth 2009 Bowman Black
    Gassner Dave 2005 Topps Black
    Gausman Kevin 2010 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Gautreau Jake 2001 Topps Blue
    George Chris 2002 Topps 52 Blue
    Giavotella Johnny 2009 Bowman Blue
    Gibbons Jay 2005 Topps Blue
    Giles Marcus 2002 Topps Blue
    Ginter Matt 2005 Topps Blue
    Ginter Keith 2002 Bowman Blue
    Glavine Tom 2005 Throwback Threads Blue
    Golson Greg 2005 Topps Blue
    Gonzalez Enrique 2009 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Gonzalez Enrique 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Gordon Tom 1990 Fleer Black
    Gordon Alex 2008 A&G Blue
    Gorzelanny Tommy 2010 Topps Blue
    Gorzelanny Tommy 2011 Topps Blue
    Gozelanny Tom 2005 Bowman Black
    Grace Mark 1988 Donruss Blue
    Grilli Jason 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Gronkiewicz Lee 2007 Topps Blue
    Guillen Jean 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Guillen Carlos 2005 Topps Cracker Jack Black
    Guthrie Jeremy 2003 Topps Blue
    Gutierrez Franklin 2002 Topps Blue
    Guzman Cristian 2003 Topps Black
    Guzman Christian 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Hacker Michael 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Hairston Scott 2005 Topps Cracker Jack Blue
    Hairston Scott 2009 A&G National Pride Blue
    Halama John 2003 Topps Blue
    Hall Toby 2005 Topps Black
    Hall Bill 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Hall Billy 2007 A&G Blue
    Hamilton Josh 2007 SP Authentic Blue
    Hansack Devern 2006 Fleer Blue
    Hansack Devern 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Hansack Devern 2007 Pawtucket TS Black
    Hansack Devern 2007 Topps Black
    Hansack Devern 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Hansen Craig 2006 Bowman Heritage Black
    Hansen Craig 2005 Portland TS Black
    Hansen Craig 2006 Fleer Blue
    Hansen Craig 2006 Fleer Ultra Blue
    Hansen Craig 2006 Bowman Blue
    Hansen Craig 2005 Justifiable Black
    Hansen Craig 2007 Pawtucket TS Black
    Harden Rich 2002 Justifiable Blue
    Hardy JJ 2008 Upper Deck Blue
    Hargrove Mike 2005 Topps Blue
    Harrison Matt 2010 Topps Blue
    Harrison Matt 2009 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Head Stephen 2006 Just Minors Blue
    Head Miles 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Heintz Chris 2006 Fleer Black Thin
    Helling Rick 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Hermanson Dustin 2001 Topps Black
    Hernandez Chris 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Hernandez Jayson 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Hertzler Ron 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Hill Rich 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Hill Koyie 2010 Topps Blue
    Hillenbrand Shea 2001 Topps Blue
    Hinshaw Alex 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Hochevar Luke 2008 Upper Deck Blue
    Hocking Denny 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Hodges Wes 2007 Just Minors Blue
    Holdzkom Lincoln 2007 Pawtucket TS Black
    Hosmer Eric 2009 Obak Blue
    Hosmer Eric 2012 Archives Blue
    Hottovy Tommy 2004 Just Rookies Blue
    Hottovy Tommy 2004 Just Rookies Black thin
    Hottovy Tommy 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Hottovy Tommy 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Howard Ryan 2012 Gypsy Queen Black
    Howe Art 2001 Topps Black
    Howell JP 2005 Bowman Blue
    Huckaby Ken 2006 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Hughes Phil 2004 Topps Blue
    Hughes Travis 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Hughes Luke 2004 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Hughes Phil 2006 Eastern League TP Black
    Hunter Torii 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Hunter Torii 2011 A&G Blue
    Huntzinger Brock 2009 Bowman Chrome Black
    Hyatt Austin 2011 Bowman Chrome Black
    Igawa Kei 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Igawa Kei 2007 Fleer Blue
    Iglesias Jose 2010 Bowman Topps 100 Black
    Iglesias Jose 2011 Bowman Brightest Black
    Iguchi Tad 2005 Upper Deck Blue
    Infante Omar 2011 Topps Blue
    Inge Brandon 2006 Fleer Blue
    Inge Brandon 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Inge Brandon 2003 Topps Blue
    Inge Brandon 2005 Donruss Studio Blue
    Iorg Eli 2005 Topps Update Black
    Jackson Kyle 2006 Wilmington TS Blue
    Jackson Austin 2008 Bowman Blue
    Jackson Conor 2007 Bowman heritage Blue
    Jackson Edwin 2007 Upper Deck Blue
    Jacobs Brandon 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    James Chuck 2006 Bowman Blue
    Jeroloman Chuck 2006 Greenville TS Blue
    Jeroloman Brian 2005 Team USA Blue
    Jimenez Ubaldo 2007 Upper Deck Blue
    Jimenez Jorge 2009 Portland TS Blue
    Johnson Kris 2006 Lowell TS Black
    Johnson Kris 2008 Projections Blue
    Johnson Kris 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Johnson Reed 2010 Topps Blue
    Jones Todd 2006 Fleer Black Blue
    Jones Hunter 2006 Greenville TS Blue
    Jones Hunter 2008 Projections Blue
    Jones Hunter 2008 Portland TS Blue
    Jones Adam 2009 A&G Blue
    Jordan Brian 2000 Fleer Gamers Blue
    Jurrjens Jair 2005 Topps Blue
    Jurrjens Jair 2011 A&G Blue
    Justice David 2000 Topps Black bubbled
    Kalish Ryan 2008 Projections Blue
    Kalish Ryan 2008 Playoff Contenders Black
    Kalish Ryan 2010 Bowman Topps 100 Blue
    Kang James 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Karsay Steve 2001 Topps Blue
    Kelly Casey 2009 Projections Black bubbled
    Kendrick Howie 2006 Bowman Blue
    Kennedy Ian 2008 Masterpieces Blue
    Khoury Ryan 2006 Lowell TS Black
    Kielty Bobby 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Kielty Bobby 2007 UD Red Sox WS Set Blue
    Killebrew Harmon 2001 UD Legends Blue
    Kinkade Mike 2000 Victory USA Black
    Kinsler Ian 2005 Topps Blue
    Kipnis Jason 2013 Topps Blue
    Kolb Danny 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Kolb Danny 2006 Topps Blue
    Kottaras George 2006 Bowman Blue
    Kottaras George 2006 Bowman Blue
    Kottaras George 2005 Topps Update Blue
    Kottaras George 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Kubel Jason 2005 Topps Cracker Jack Blue
    Kuo Hong-Chin 2006 Topps Blue
    LaRoche Andy 2005 Turkey Red Blue
    LaRoche Adam 2002 Topps Black
    LaRussa Tony 2007 A&G Blue
    Lavarnway Ryan 2011 Bowman Topps 100 Black
    Lavarnway Ryan 2011 Bowman Blue
    Lavarnway Ryan 2012 Gypsy Queen Black
    Lavarnway Ryan 2013 Topps Blue
    Lavigne Tyler 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Lawton Matt 2005 Topps Total Blue
    LeCroy Matt 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Lee Bill 1973 Topps Blue
    Lee Carlos 2003 Topps Black
    Lee Zach 2010 Bowman Blue
    Lee Zach 2010 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Leiter Al 2001 Topps Blue
    Leskanic Curtis 2001 Fleer Tradition Black
    Lester Jon 2010 A&G Blue
    Lester Jon 2004 Just Rookies Blue
    Lilly Ted 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Lima Jose 2000 Fleer Impact Blue
    Lima Jose 1999 Skybox Thunder Blue
    Lincecum Tim 2006 Justifiable Blue
    Lind Adam 2004 Bowman Blue
    Lind Adam 2007 Bowman Blue
    Liriano Francisco 2002 Just Minors Blue
    Liriano Francisco 2007 Bowman Blue
    Liz Radhames 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Lo Duca Paul 2002 Topps Blue
    Locke Jeff 2011 Topps Pro Debut Blue
    Lockwood Tyler 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Loewen Adam 2005 Donruss Blue
    Loewen Adam 2005 Bowman Blue
    Loney James 2009 A&G Blue
    Loney James 2012 Gypsy Queen Blue
    Long Terrence 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Longoria Evan 2012 Topps Heritage Blue
    Lopez Gonzalo 2002 Topps Black
    Lopez Javier 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Loretta Mark 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Loretta Mark 2006 Topps Blue
    Loretta Mark 2005 Donruss Studio Black
    Lowell Mike 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Lowrie Jed 2004 UD USA National Honors Relic Blue
    Lowrie Jed 2005 Bowman Heritage Mahogany Blue
    Lowrie Jed 2005 Bowman Blue
    Lowrie Jed 2007 Pawtucket TS Black
    Lowry Noah 2005 Turkey Red Black
    Machado Alejandro 2005 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Machado Alejandro 2004 Donruss Press Proof Blue
    Machado Alejandro 2006 Fleer Blue
    Mackowiak Rob 2006 Upper Deck Black
    Madera Sandy 2008 Portland TS Blue
    Maholm Paul 2006 Bowman Black
    Majewski Val 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Majewski Val 2005 Bazooka Black
    Majewski Val 2006 Turkey Red Blue
    Malaska Mark 2002 Topps Blue
    Maloney Matt 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Mantei Matt 2004 Topps Heritage Black
    Markakis Nick 2006 Just Autographs Black
    Marquez Jeff 2004 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Marshall Sean 2010 Topps Blue
    Martinez Anastacio 2004 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Martinez Fernando 2006 Just Rookies Blue
    Martinez Francisco 2011 Topps Pro Debut Blue
    Martinez (BOS) Edgar 2005 Portland TS Black
    Martinez (BOS) Edgar 2006 Portland TS Black
    Martinez (BOS) Edgar 2006 Bowman Draft Blue
    Martinez (BOS) Edgar 2005 Portland TS Black
    Martinez (BOS) Edgar 2007 Pawtucket TS Black
    Masterson Justin 2006 Bowman Blue
    Masterson Justin 2007 Justifiable Blue
    Masterson Justin 2008 Portland TS Blue
    Matos Wilson 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Mayberry Jr. John 2005 Topps Blue
    Maybin Cameron 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Maybin Cameron 2007 Bowman Blue
    McAnulty Paul 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    McBeth Marcus 2009 Pawtucket TS Blue
    McCann Brian 2006 Topps Black
    McCann Brian 2008 A&G Blue
    McCutchen Andrew 2006 SAL League TP Black thin
    McCutchen Andrew 2005 Bowman Heritage Blue
    McEwing Joe 2006 Topps Heritage Blue
    McEwing Joe 1999 Fleer Tradition Blue
    McGee Jacob 2008 Projections Blue
    McGowan Dustin 2006 Topps Black
    McGuire Deck 2010 Bowman Blue
    McLemore Mark 2002 Topps Black
    McNutt Trey 2011 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Meadows Brian 2000 Topps Blue
    Mench Kevin 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Mendoza Luis 2005 ProSigs Blue
    Meredith Cla 2005 Pawtucket TS Black
    Meredith Cla 2004 SP Top Prospects Blue
    Merloni Lou 1998 Pawtucket TS Black
    Middlebrooks Will 2008 Projections Blue
    Middlebrooks Will 2011 Topps Pro Debut Black streaky
    Middlebrooks Will 2008 Just Minors Blue
    Middlebrooks Will 2012 Topps Update Blue
    Mientkiewicz Doug 2001 Upper Deck Blue
    Millar Kevin 2005 Bowman Black
    Miller Corky 2003 Topps Black
    Miller Andrew 2007 Fleer Blue
    Miller Andrew 2008 Topps Blue
    Miller Andrew 2008 A&G Blue
    Mills Adam 2009 Bowman Blue
    Mills Adam 2009 Portland TS Blue
    Millwood Kevin 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Millwood Kevin 2007 Fleer Blue
    Millwood Kevin 2010 Topps Black faded
    Miner Zach 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Miner Zach 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Minges Tyler 2006 Pawtucket TS Black
    Mohr Dustin 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Mohr Dustin 2005 Topps Total Black
    Molina Gustavo 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Mondesi Raul 2000 Victory Blue
    Montanez Lou 2005 Topps Black
    Montero Miguel 2007 UD SP Rookie Blue
    Moore Matt 2012 Topps Heritage Blue
    Mora Melvin 2000 Topps Blue
    Morales Franklin 2005 Topps Blue
    Moreno Junior 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Morrison Logan 2010 Bowman Topps 100 Blue
    Morrow Brandon 2006 Prospects Plus Blue
    Morse Michael 2012 Bowman Blue
    Mortensen Clayton 2011 Topps Blue
    Moseley Dustin 2002 Justifiable Blue
    Moss Brandon 2005 Portland TS Blue
    Moss Brandon 2005 Portland TS Black
    Moss Brandon 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Moss Brandon 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Moss Brandon 2006 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Moss Brandon 2004 Just Blue
    Moss Brandon 2007 Topps 52 Blue
    Moss Brandon 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Moustakas Mike 2008 Projections Blue
    Moustakas Mike 2007 Bowman Blue
    Moyer Jamie 2005 Topps Blue
    Moyer Jamie 2007 Fleer Black
    Mueller Bill 2003 Topps Blue
    Mulvey Kevin 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Murphy David 2005 Bowman Blue
    Murphy David 2003 Upper Deck Black
    Murphy David 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Murphy David 2006 Eastern League TP Blue
    Murphy David 2006 Pawtucket TS Black
    Murphy David 2005 Topps Black
    Murphy David 2005 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Murphy David 2007 Topps Heritage Blue
    Murphy David 2004 Bazooka Blue
    Murphy David 2004 Topps Black
    Murphy David 2007 Topps Black
    Murphy David 2007 Upper Deck Blue
    Mussina Mike 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Myers Wil 2012 Topps Pro Debut Blue
    Nady Xavier 2011 Topps Blue
    Napoli Mike 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Natale Jeff 2006 Greenville TS Blue
    Natale Jeff 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Nathan Joe 2006 Topps Blue
    Navarro Yamaico 2008 Projections Blue
    Nelson Jeff 2003 Topps Black
    Neshek Pat 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Nevin Phil 2005 Upper Deck Black
    Niemann Jeff 2011 Topps Blue
    Nippert Dustin 2006 Fleer Blue
    Nixon Trot 2002 Fleer Platinum Black
    Nixon Trot 2002 Topps Blue pen
    Nixon Trot 2006 Topps Black
    Ochoa Alex 2000 Fleer Tradition Black
    Okajima Hideki 2007 Bowman Blue
    Okajima Hideki 2007 Turkey Red Blue
    Okajima Hideki 2009 Topps Blue
    Olerud John 2001 Fleer Tradition Black
    Olt Mike 2010 Bowman Blue
    Olt Mike 2012 Topps Pro Debut Blue
    Ordonez Magglio 2006 Fleer Blue
    Otness John 2007 Bowman Black
    Overbay Lyle 2005 Topps Blue thin
    Ozuna Pablo 1998 Best Blue
    Padilla Vicente 2007 Fleer Blue
    Padilla Vicente 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Palmer Jim 2005 UD All Star Blue
    Papelbon Jonathan 2006 Topps Black
    Papelbon Joshua 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Papelbon Jonathan 2005 Portland TS Black
    Papelbon Jonathan 2006 Topps Bazooka Blue
    Park Chan Ho 2002 Topps Black
    Parker Jarrod 2007 Prospects Plus Blue
    Patton Troy 2008 Topps Blue
    Pauley David 2008 Projections Blue
    Pauley David 2006 Upper Deck Black
    Pauley David 2004 Topps Black
    Pauley David 2004 Bowan Blue
    Pauley David 2006 Topps 52 Blue
    Pauley David 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Pedroia Dustin 2004 Just Rookies Black
    Pedroia Dustin 2004 Just Rookies Black
    Pena Wily Mo 2005 Artifacts Future Stars Blue
    Penn Hayden 2006 Bowman Blue
    Peralta Jhonny 2007 Fleer Blue
    Peralta Jhonny 2008 A&G Blue
    Percival Troy 2009 Topps Blue
    Perez Oliver 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Perez Odalis 2006 Fleer Blue
    Perez Odalis 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Perry Ryan 2008 A&G Blue
    Petagini Roberto 2005 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Phillips Brandon 2003 Bazooka Blue
    Pie Felix 2004 Topps Heritage Black
    Pierre Juan 2005 Turkey Red Blue
    Pierzynski AJ 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Pimentel Stolmy 2008 Donruss Threads Blue
    Pimentel Stolmy 2009 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Pinckney Andrew 2006 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Pinckney Andrew 2006 Carolina League TP Blue
    Pinckney Andrew 2006 Bowman Originals Blue
    Place Jason 2006 Bowman Draft Blue
    Place Jason 2006 Pro Debut Blue
    Podsednik Scott 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Porcello Rick 2010 Topps T206 Blue
    Price David 2007 Prospects Plus Blue
    Prieto Alex 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Prior Mark 2002 Topps Blue
    Pritz Bryan 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Punto Nick 2005 Topps Total Black
    Punto Nick 2006 A&G Blue
    Purcey David 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Purcey David 2004 Bowman Blue
    Ramirez Hanley 2002 Just Minors Black faded and signed twice
    Ramirez Horacio 2004 Topps Blue
    Ramirez Wilkin 2005 Midwest Lg TP Blue
    Ramirez Wilkin 2004 Just Minors Black
    Ramirez Wilkin 2006 Bowman Blue
    Ramirez Noe 2010 Topps USA Black
    Ramirez Hanley 2003 Topps Black
    Ramos Victor 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Rasmus Colby 2005 Topps Update Black thin
    Rau Garrett 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Reddick Josh 2009 Topps T206 Blue
    Reddick Josh 2008 Donruss Threads Blue
    Reddick Josh 2009 Topps T206 Blue
    Redman Tike 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Reitsma Chris 2002 Topps Blue
    Remy Jerry 1984 Fleer Black
    Renfroe David 2009 Tristar Prospects Blue
    Renteria Edgar 2005 Donruss Classics Blue
    Revere Ben 2007 Just Rookies Blue faded
    Reyes Anthony 2006 Bowman Heritage Black
    Reynolds Mark 2009 Topps Blue
    Rhoades Chad 2009 Portland TS Blue
    Rhoden Rick 1977 Topps Blue
    Rice Jim 2011 Goodwin Champions Black
    Richardson Jason 2006 Wilmington TS Blue
    Richardson Dustin 2006 Lowell TS Black
    Richardson Dustin 2006 Bowman Black
    Richardson Dustin 2008 Just Minors Blue
    Riske David 2008 Upper Deck Blue
    Rivera Mariano 2006 Topps Blue faded
    Rivera Mariano 2000 Victory Black
    Rivera Mariano 2007 Fleer Blue
    Roberson Ryan 2006 West Michigan TS Black
    Roberts David 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Robinson Kerry 2003 Topps Blue
    Robinson Nick 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Rodney Fernando 2010 Topps Blue
    Rodriguez Ricardo 2005 Topps Total Black thin
    Rodriguez Josh 2006 Just Minors Black
    Rogers Kenny 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Rogers Ed 2002 Topps Blue
    Rogers Ed 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Romero Davis 2006 Bowman Draft Blue
    Rosario Charle 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Rowell Billy 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Ryan Brendan 2007 Bowman Blue
    Saberhagen Bret 1992 Upper Deck Black
    Sadler Billy 2005 Topps Update Blue
    Sale Chris 2011 Gypsy Queen Blue
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2007 Bowman Blue
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2010 Topps Blue
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2006 Just Minors Blue
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2012 A&G Blue
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2007 A&G Blue
    Samardzija Jeff 2009 A&G Blue
    Sanchez Anibal 2005 UD ProSigs Blue
    Sanchez Felix 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Sanchez Gary 2013 Bowman Platinum Blue
    Sandberg Jared 2003 Topps Blue
    Sano Miguel 2013 Bowman Platinum Blue
    Santos Sergio 2003 Topps Blue
    Santos Sergio 2002 Bowman Blue
    Santos Sergio 2002 Justifiable Blue
    Scales Bobby 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Scheppers Tanner 2010 Topps Pro Debut Blue
    Schierholtz Nate 2006 Eastern League TP Blue
    Schroyer Ryan 2004 Just Black
    Schwindenhammer Seth 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Scioscia Mike 2002 Topps Blue
    Scioscia Mike 1991 Topps Blue
    Searles Jonathan 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Seibel Phil 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Shelton Chris 2005 Upper Deck Blue
    Sherrod Justin 2005 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Shoppach Kelly 2003 Topps Black
    Singleton Chris 2000 Fleer Tradition Black
    Sizemore Grady 2006 Fleer Black
    Slaten Doug 2007 Bowman Blue
    Slaten Doug 2007 A&G Blue
    Slayden Jeremy 2006 Bowman Heritage Black
    Smith Chris 2002 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Smith Chris 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Smith Blake 2010 Topps Pro Debut Blue
    Snider Travis 2008 Projections Blue
    Snider Travis 2006 Bowman Draft Blue
    Snyder Kyle 2006 Fleer Blue
    Snyder Brandon 2005 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Soto Geovany 2009 A&G Blue
    Sowers Jeremy 2006 Bowman Blue
    Spann Chad 2005 Portland TS Black
    Spann Chad 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Spann Chad 2005 Portland TS Blue
    Spivey Junior 2005 Upper Deck Black
    Spivey Junior 2005 Topps Black
    Stanley Bob 1985 Fleer Blue
    Stern Adam 2003 Bowman Blue
    Stern Adam 2003 Bowman Black
    Stern Adam 2003 Topps Blue
    Stern Adam 2003 Bowman Blue
    Stern Adam 2006 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Still Jon 2008 Donruss Threads Blue
    Still Jon 2009 Portland TS Blue
    Stottlemyre Todd 2000 Fleer Tradition Blue
    Street Huston 2004 Topps Black
    Stubbs Drew 2008 Projections Blue
    Sweeney Ryan 2007 UD SP Rookie Blue
    Sweeney Ryan 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Switzer Jon 2007 Upper Deck Blue
    Switzer Jon 2001 Upper Deck Blue
    Syndergaard Noah 2010 Bowman Draft Blue
    Tadano Kaz 2004 Bowman Gold Blue
    Tejada Miguel 2000 Topps OD Blue
    Tejada Miguel 2006 A&G Black
    Tejera Michael 2004 Topps Total Blue
    Thigpen Curtis 2006 Bowman Blue
    Thigpen Curtis 2006 Eastern League TP Blue
    Thurston Joe 2000 Best Blue
    Timlin Mike 2002 Topps Black pen
    Torre Joe 2002 Topps Black
    Trachsel Steve 2005 Topps Total Blue
    Tracy Chad 2006 Bazooka Blue
    Tracy Chad 2006 A&G Blue
    Tracy Chad 2007 A&G Blue
    Trahern Dallas 2006 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Tucker Michael 2003 Topps Blue
    Turnbow Derrick 2006 Topps Blue
    Uggla Dan 2008 Topps Blue
    Uggla Dan 2009 A&G Blue
    Valentin John 1997 UD Collectors Choice Blue
    Van Buren Jermaine 2005 UD Old Judge Blue
    Van Buren Jermaine 2005 UD Reflections Blue
    Van Buren Jermaine 2006 Pawtucket TS Black
    Van Der Bosch Matt 2005 Bowman Black
    Van Every Jonathan 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Vanden Hurk Rick 2007 Upper Deck Blue
    Vanden Hurk Rick 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Vaquedano Jose 2006 Portland TS Blue
    Vaquedano Jose 2005 Bazooka Blue
    Vaquedano Jose 2005 Topps Black
    Vaquedano Jose 2008 Portland TS Blue
    Vaquedano Jose 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Varitek Jason 2005 Donruss Black
    Vaughn Mo 1992 Topps Blue
    Vaughn Beau 2003 Bowman Blue
    Venters Jonny 2011 Topps Blue
    Venters Jonny 2010 Topps Blue
    Venters Jonny 2010 Bowman Blue
    Victorino Shane 2012 A&G Black
    Victorino Shane 2011 A&G Black
    Vitek Kolbrin 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Vitek Kolbrin 2010 Bowman Blue
    Vitek Kolbrin 2010 Elite School Colors Blue
    Volquez Edinson 2006 Topps Blue
    Wagner Mark 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Wagner Mark 2009 Portland TS Blue
    Wakefield Tim 2004 UD Vintage Black
    Walker Neil 2004 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Walker Neil 2006 Bowman Draft Blue
    Wang Chien-Ming 2005 Bowman Black
    Wang Chien-Ming 2009 Masterpieces Blue
    Ward Daryle 2003 Topps Blue
    Wasdin John 1994 Signature Rookies Blue
    Washington Ron 2007 A&G Blue
    Webb Brandon 2007 UD SPAuthentic Blue bubbled
    Webb Brandon 2007 Bowman Heritage Blue
    Webster Allen 2012 Topps Heritage MiLB Black
    Webster Allen 2011 Bowman Blue
    Weiland Kyle 2008 Elite Blue
    Wells Vernon 2002 Topps Blue
    Wells Vernon 2004 UD ProSigs Black
    West Jeremy 2005 Bazooka Black
    Wheeler Dan 2008 Topps Blue
    White Steven 2006 Eastern League TP Blue
    Whitesell Josh 2006 Bowman Blue
    Williams Mason 2013 Bowman Platinum Blue
    Willits Reggie 2003 UD Star Rookie Blue
    Wilson Enrique 2000 Topps Blue
    Wilson Enrique 2006 MLB Showdown Blue
    Wilson Tyler 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Wilson Alex 2009 TriStar Prospects Blue
    Wilson Alex 2009 Elite Blue
    Wilson Alex 2010 TriStar Prospects Blue
    Wise JT 2012 Bowman Chrome Blue
    Wood Kerry 2002 Fleer Authentix Blue
    Workman Brandon 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Workman Brandon 2011 Elite Extra Blue
    Wright David 2004 Upper Deck Blue
    Wright David 2002 Justifiable Blue
    Youkilis Kevin 2005 UD SPx Blue bubbled
    Young Chris 2005 Topps Update Blue
    Young Michael 2007 Topps Opening Day Blue
    Younginer Madison 2010 Lowell TS Blue
    Zenicola Zechry 2007 Eastern League TP Blue
    Zimmerman Ryan 2005 Topps Update Blue thin
    Zink Charlie 2004 Bowman FY Blue
    Zink Charlie 2004 Eastern League TP Blue
    Zink JT 2006 Lowell TS Blue
    Zink Charlie 2007 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Zink Charlie 2004 Portland TS Blue
    Zink Charlie 2007 Portland TS Blue
    Zink Charlie 2009 Pawtucket TS Blue
    Zito Barry 2003 Topps Award Winners Black
    Zito Barry 2003 Topps Blue
    Zumaya Joel 2006 Upper Deck Blue
    Zumaya Joel 2006 Bowman Blue

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    Price on Longoria 2012 heritage? Thanks!
    Currently working on nh/pg inscribed ROMLB project!!!
    Hidden Content ...pb in pretty bad order due to issues, my apologies.
    Hidden Content

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    interested in:
    Freeman Freddie 2012 A&G Blue
    Jurrjens Jair 2011 A&G Blue
    Venters Jonny 2011 Topps Blue
    PM me please

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    How much for austin Jackson blue? What's it numbered to?

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    Interested in the Scott Downs and Matt Moore 2012 Heritages. What would the prices be on those? Thanks!

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    Everyone should be replied to. Sorry for the delays in responses.

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    Feb 2011
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    I would be interested in these-
    Miguel Cabrera 2008 Ginter
    Ryan Dempster 2009 Ginter
    Alex Gordon 2008 Ginter
    Adam Jones 2009 Ginter
    James Loney 2009 Ginter
    Brian McCann 2008 Ginter
    Jhonny Peralta 2008 Ginter
    Ryan Perry 2008 Ginter
    Nick Punto 2006 Ginter
    Jeff Samardzija 2009 Ginter
    Working on getting 2008 Allen and Ginter set signed. Currently sitting at 65 signed. Also collecting Twins signed Allen and Ginter cards from all years.

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