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    MLB needs to start doing something about this players that are cheating like this. They need to banned them for life and this is going to make them think twice about taking PEDs.
    I agree,this 50 game suspension plan doesn't seem to be working,heck some guys consider it a vacation.They need to set a date and anybody who tests positive after that date will no longer be allowed to play in Major League Baseball.I think it would lead to alot of players seeking employment in the Japanese league and other leagues outside of the U.S.A.What needs to happen is some sort of sanction that if you are banned from the MLB you can not play in any other league outside of the U.S.A once that happens these players who have no other way to make money will open their eyes and stop using p.e.d's
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    If they really wanted to stop cheating they wouldn't suspend or ban people from the the HOF as a punishment. Most guys don't care. If they made the player forfeit his paycheck for the season with the positive test or have it cancel their contract with the team this would make a lot more players think twice about doing something. The players union would NEVER go for that but unless you hurt these guys financially they won't stop. It just doesn't make sense. Arod has millions and millions and millions of dollars in his bank account by taking this stuff. Think it was worth it for him?
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