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    2008 Upper Deck X Cards For Sale

    I was going through some older baseball cards and found a whole bunch of 2008 Upper Deck X. I have 4 complete base sets (1-100) w/ Bucholz, Fukudome, Kennedy, & Longoria RCs. I also have a near complete set of Die-Cut X (96/100) & another (65/100) w/ Bucholz, Fukudome, Kennedy, & Longoria RCs. And a TON of Xponential1, Xponential2, Xponential3, & Xponential4 inserts. Players like Jeter, Rodriguez, Pujols, Griffey, and too many to list! These are actually pretty cool refractor-like inserts. If anyone is interested in anything from this set, please let me know. I can unload this stuff for cheap! I can scan anything you want so just let me know. Thanks!

    Here's what the cards look like:
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    How much are you looking for a regular base set and the almost complete die cut set?
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    the base set I could do $5. The die cut set, I'm really not sure. There is one listed on ebay with 91/100 cards for $30 but that seems high. I could do $15 on the near complete die cut set. Plus shipping which will have to be priority due to the weight. $25 dlvd?

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    by the way, they are 2008 not 2009. i edited the title but it still shows 2009 on the threads list. sorry for the confusion

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    Any chance you have a Gold Die Cut of Berkman? Need it for the PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asquareron View Post
    Any chance you have a Gold Die Cut of Berkman? Need it for the PC.
    no sorry! I sold all the gold die cuts a few years ago when i first acquired all these cards.

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    Would you have any of these available:
    Die-Cut: 7-9-22-27-28-38-48-52-59-60-77-91-98

    Thanks - Jeff

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyers16 View Post
    would you have any of these available:
    die-cut: 7-9-22-27-28-38-48-52-59-60-77-91-98
    xponential: Al-ap-cc-cp-cw-gm-gr-gu-hm-jh-jr-lb-mh-mr-pb-pf-rh-ri-ro-rw

    thanks - jeff
    pm sent

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