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    Reds Carvan haul

    This past Saturday, The Cincinnati Reds made their annual stop in Lima for their preseason caravan. Usually, I don't go to these events since most of the personnel are either announcers or players I don't care to get for my collection. But this year was different...all star second baseman Brandon Phillips and HOF radio announcer Marty Brennaman were doing the Lima stop! Oh yeah, I'm going.

    I took my daughter Lauren and off we went to the Lima Mall for the session. They was already a line for the session when we got there two and a half hours early. But we knew we had a good chance of getting all the autographs today when the line snaked around the entire west side of the mall...they opened up a vacant store space and had the line go in that area to ease congestion. To make it fair for everyone, they enacted the one auto per person and no posed photos policy.

    Well 4;30 came and the caravan showed up for festivities. After Marty introduced everyone onto the stage--you could feel the mall rocking when BP got announced--they took questions from the fans for 15 minutes. Then the autograph session began...we didn't move for the first 15 minutes until the people in the chairs section got done. After that section got done, Brandon got out of his seat, grabbed a pen and a marker, and started signing down the line. Knowing he was the big draw, to do something like that was very classy. He signed the caravan handout for Lauren and a baseball for me. I was stoked right then and there, but as soon as I got done with BP, the line just zipped through with no problem.

    I got these Reds personnel on the following items for me:

    First, assistant GM Bob Miller signed the Caravan holdout. Next was TV announcer Chris Welsh and signed his '87 Topps card for me. Then former Reds first baseman Todd Benzinger signed an old 8x10 I had in my Reds stash. After Todd was Marty...I got him so sign my other baseball, but due to the long line he politely declined my request to add his tagline--"And this one belongs to the Reds!"--to the autograph. He did put on his "HOF 2000" inscription instead. I'll confess, it was longshot to get it, but he was very cordial about it when most people would have went with the quick "no". Last was Tucker Barnhart, their top rated catcher in the minor leagues. He signed a Dayton Dragons hat for me. Lauren had all of them sign her handout...They had an space for all the possible autographs you could get at a caravan stop.

    Now for the pictures:

    One last thing: In a vain attempt to get my daughter to stand next to Mr. Red to get a picture, I had to stand next to him to prove he was didn't work. She's still doesn't like them.

    Thanks for looking, Alex
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    That's awesome, I wanted to go to the one in Columbus but didn't get a chance too.
    No more international shipping for me with the new shipping rates, sorry.

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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    very cool thank for sharing

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    cool, i went to the cardinals caravan jan 21st.
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