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Thread: The Kaepernick Bubble

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    The cards will go down, but maybe it is worth buying cards of other backup QBs and wait for the right time to sell.

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    Really good article over at Beckett about the jump: http://www.beckett.com/news/2013/01/...e-steady-rise/

    I got in on a few of his cards early. I wish I had grabbed a Playoff Contenders RC after the Bears game when they were "only" going for $40. Through a trade I was able to get 3-colour pieces of both his Limited and Gold Standard RC's. I'll be keeping those ones.

    I'm counting on things remaining extremely hot between now and Sunday, and beyond with a 49ers victory in the Super Bowl.

    I've got a Topps Precision up on the Bay that's scheduled to end about 20 minutes after the Super Bowl. If all goes well, it'll be a great night. LOL

    Is it sustainable in the long term? Maybe not at the current white-hot levels. But people who got in on Kaep during this hot streak will be loathe to sell them for a discount of any kind. I'm not saying they'll be holding the bag (as I kinda am with all my Alex Smith stuff now) but we'll see what happens I guess. Who knows, a couple more years like this one for him and the 49ers and he could permanently be established in that top tier of collectible QB's of the current era.
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    I will be waiting for a while on him. His stuff is incredibly high for someone who has started 9 games. His stuff will sell for 50% of what is selling for next year regardless of the Super Bowl

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    Looks like if it hasn't burst it is deflating a bit on eBay. Seems like everyone thought he was going to win the Super Bowl and locked in prices way too high.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    Looks like if it hasn't burst it is deflating a bit on eBay. Seems like everyone thought he was going to win the Super Bowl and locked in prices way too high.
    Yea -- I mean I think it probably would have deflated even with a win around June-July. Kaepernick looked great last night and (IMO) only added to the reasons to believe he is a future star. The only difference is that the hype machine has moved on. I'll probably start picking up a few more AUs of him in 2 weeks or so when the air lets out a bit more.
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    I will wait about a month and pick some up at reasonable prices. They are most likely to drop over the summer when 2013 cards hit come out

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    Yea I have been keeping my eyes on his Crown Royale Silhouette. They were selling $180-$200 before the Super Bowl. Now they are already down to about $125 because of the loss.

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    They will flatten out over the next month but still hold 60% of pre super bowl inflated value

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