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    My January pickups!

    Hey all

    Its been a slower than usual month on the purchase side, but I was able to make a few nice trades!

    Onto the show!

    - 09/10 Ultimate Collection Signatures Iginla
    - 10/11 Dominion Ruby Auto Thornton /50
    - 11/12 Ultimate Collection Signatures Tavares

    - 11/12 UD Young Guns Canvas Hodgson
    - 11/12 UD Young Guns Canvas Scheifele
    - 10/11 Contenders Auto Rookie Skinner SP

    - 11/12 Contenders Auto Rookie Hodgson /800
    - 11/12 Contenders Auto Rookie Kassian /800
    - 09/10 SP Authentic Future Watch Auto Rookie Eller /999

    - 09/10 Ultimate Collection Auto Rookie Dubnyk /299
    - 09/10 Ultimate Collection Auto Rookie Duchene /99 SP

    - 06/07 Sweet Shot Signature Sticks Nash /15
    - 07/08 The Cup Limited Logos Nash /50
    - 08/09 UD Black Pride Of A Nation Nash /25

    And the biggie of the month!

    - 07/08 Ultimate Collection Rookie Auto Patch Price /25

    Thanks all for the look!
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    Looking for - Roy / Brodeur / Luongo / Fleury / Bernier / Potvin / Price +++

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    Really nice Price! But you gotta love those Colombus patches like the one on the limited logos :)

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    ALWAYS LOOKING FOR Stephen Harper, Frazer McLaren, Nicklas Backstrom, and any Lacrosse cards!

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    Thas a reallllllyyy nice biggie :) And I likes the Scheifle FWA........

    Is all this stuff PC?
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    Bring that Price to the next show? It will look great with my Toews!
    Collecting: Jonathan Toews, Cody Hodgson ,Jaden Schwartz & Martin Jones
    #1 Want : 10-11 SP Game Used Letter Marks Toews "T" /50!
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    Nice Nash Limited Logos!
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    Backstrom - LOOOVE CLB patches! The bottom "white" strip is actually a nice neon yellow, but my scanner and the previous owners scanner wouldnt pick it up either =S

    slug - The Scheifele is the only one ive moved =P. Nope, its not all PC. I am working on the Contenders Set, and I do like to pickup nice Duchene and Nash for the PC, but the others are very available for the right stuff!

    pur - I will bring it to the next show! Would love to land myself the Kane / Toews / Backstrom from that set, as well as some of the mid tier players. It will look really nice with your Toews, already looks good with my Bernier:

    flee - Thanks! Not really looking forward to NYR patches =S
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    Looking for - Roy / Brodeur / Luongo / Fleury / Bernier / Potvin / Price +++

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