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    2013 Topps Chasing History inserts with refractor-like finish?

    Just broke a rack and a blaster of '13 six Chasing History inserts; two have a refractor-like coating on them (Mattingly and Lou Brock), while the other four do not.

    Anyone know what this is about?
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    I'm not really sure about the foil like finish on some of them,but I can tell you in the 9.99 72 card hanger boxes there are 4 chasing history cards with a gold foil finish.I don't know if they are worth that much more but I would guess they are.
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    Got a $4.99 walmart hanger pack of cards & 2 Chasing History cards ( Both Warren Spahn CH-31. One had a Refractory Finish One didn't . So who knows with Topps !! Wouldn't mind an answer either !!
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