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    $30 dlvd eBay Lot...How'd I do?

    Hey guys, just wanted to get your opinion. I bought this lot on ebay for $30 dlvd. I thought it was a good deal but wanted to get a few other opinions. Everything is FT/FS. I haven't gotten the cards yet but if you like anything here, I'm more than happy to make a deal and finalize it once the cards arrive. Thanks and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    Looks like a good buy.
    Do you ship overseas? Im sure I can take a fair bit of you and you can make most of your money back straight off the bat.
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    Also interested in any 2009/10 Upper Deck GU or Autos you may have.

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    A great buy I have some interest in the Earl Monroe GU
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    That is a solid lot my friend!
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    Thanks guys! PMs coming to those who were interested in some of the cards...

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    I think that was a great catch buddy. Well done

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