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    Carey Price - Clearly The Pride of Canada

    As you all know, I've got a particular fondness for any cards affiliated with Carey Price and Team Canada. I've shown off my O Canada collection on a number of occasions so I'll spare you that again...maybe...but here's two recent Canada-themed cards to show up in my mailbox.

    This first one came courtesy of 30ranfordfan, who pulled this out of a pack and PM'd me asking for my address. Mighty sportin' of you, my friend!

    And this one showed up today via the eBay, numbered to just 10 copies and featuring a little piece of 2007 WJC history!

    Thanks for looking, comments always appreciated!
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    Those Clear Cut Pride cards are lovely, great score
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    The Clear Cut Pride cards are just gorgeous. Amazing gesture by 30ranfordfan as well!

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