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    Back and need Ed Davis cards

    I have been away for over a month out of work but am now back I have missed all the new releases so even base I need help me out lmk what u have
    Collecting 1975 Topps Baseball (PSA 8 or better) (7/660) 1.06%
    Reggie Bullock Clippers RC 2013-14

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    i need MJ , Pippen , USA Basketball or Easy to move tradebait in return but will also sell if needed

    DAVIS , ED 11-12 Hoops #227 AUTO

    -DAVIS, ED-
    10-11 Donruss #240 RC x2
    10-11 Prestige #163 RC x2
    10-11 Threads TEAM THREADS Jersey Die Cut - RED
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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