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    Yea but honestly if his superfractor was a redemption, I bet you could sell that redeemed redemption and get a good chunk of change on it.

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    There have only been four of five David Justice cards issued as redemptions and I have the redeemed redemptions cards for two of them. I view them as a part of the collection since they feature my PC, even if it is in an unconventional way. I'd bid on the other redeemed redemption cards if they ever popped up.
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    It's not a scam at all. It is clearly listed as a redeemed in the title and the description. And the picture with the auction is not the card, but the redemption card.

    It is not up to you or I to determine what is and is not collectible. There were 25 Harper cards made by Bowman, right? Well, that means there were a grand total of 25 redemption cards made, too. And while it might not have Harper's picture or stats on it, it does have his name on it.

    Baseball card collectors often buy the wrappers and the boxes the cards came in. I know a few people that have the complete 1952 Topps set on another forum, and they have these. I know that collectors when buying things like action figures, or toy sets, want the box they came with, too. I had every original Star Wars action figure when I was a kid. If I wanted one of the figures now as an adult, I could pick one up on Ebay. If I wanted a mint, on card action figure, it would cost much more.

    So, maybe this guy already has the autographed card, and he wants the redemption card to keep with it. Twenty years from now, if he wants to sell the card, having the actual redemption card with it could increase the amount he gets with it.
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