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    Congratulations on that Andrew Luck.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Quote Originally Posted by duke74 View Post
    LMK if your interested in trading or selling the D.Moore, i would be interested, thanks.
    I would entertain offers of trade or sale, but I have no clue what to value that one as.

    MichiganMan, Big Dan Stud

    Thanks for the compliments.

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    Amazing card for an amazing board member!

    Congratulations on a great pull!

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    Nice pull! That card will bring enough to buy a case of prizm!
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    did you pull any browns base rookies and lmk what youd want for them
    wanted: cleveland and pittsburgh pro athletes and football hall of famers

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    Which shop in Portland do you go to? The one I go to sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTGB View Post
    Which shop in Portland do you go to? The one I go to sucks.
    I go to baseball cards and more and hoopla. These boxes came from Baseball Cards and More

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