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    Well I was just wondering because this is usually a hot topic and we have many on here who defend their stance.I was just surprised because so many like myself against this kind of bigotry

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    its best not to even try and reason with those that are like this football player or those commenting on this post that are fine with their lives of being prejudice and showing bigotry towards others
    "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here". Jack Nicholson
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    Yeah, but what's the point of jumping up and down screaming if most everyone already agrees with you?
    "He's gone crazy," "You have to snap out of it," "Take your meds," or, "Don't be such a downer" serve only to mock, belittle, and make light of mental illness. Such phrases only continue the negative stigma and keep those who suffer from getting help. If these phrases, or phrases like them, are part of your at-hand vocabulary, you are part of the problem. #STOPtheStigma

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    Ha wow...totally misread an article...thought Brendon Ayanbadejo was gay. He just supports gay marriage and is very outspoken about it.

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