Hey, I found a few 2012 Allen & Ginter's baseball cards in one of my boxes and rather than toss them in the trash I thought I would see if anyone on here can use them, here are the few cards that I found... whomever makes an offer will receive all 8 cards listed below, please ask if you would like to see a scan!!! Thanks for the look !!! Accepting almost any offer on these, prefer paypal gift or will trade for a Dallas Cowboys RC !!!

2012 Allen & Ginter Jonny Bench #6
2012 Allen & Ginter Jair Jurrjens #22
2012 Allen & Ginter Pablo Sandoval #38
2012 Allen & Ginter Clay Buchholz #50
2012 Allen & Ginter Brett Lawrie #122
2012 Allen & Ginter Russell Martin #310

also included with the A&G cards will be (2) 2011 Topps Americana

2011 Topps Americana Jimmy Stewart #6 (actor)
2011 Topps Americana 1940's First Instant Camera #14 (pictured is a 1940's style camera)