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    bgs and psa question!

    hey guys, i had my 06 kershaw bowman chrome magenta printing plate autograph rc (1/1)(pic in my bucket) graded a 9 by bgs with sub grades of:
    centering 9.5, corners 9, edges 9, surface 9.5.
    my question is, if i sent this card to psa could i pull a psa 10 out of it, or would i receive a psa 9? also, should i resubmit this to beckett and see if i could get the .5 i need to make the card a 9.5?
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    Who knows? PSA could grade it a 9 or a 10. BGS could give you the same grade, or you could get a 9.5.

    The thing to remember with getting a card graded is that even though there are standards, it's up to the individual grader to interpret those standards, and apply them to the grade.

    Not sure why you would regrade it though. It's a 1/1, and you're not likely going to get any more money selling it with a higher grade. It's unique, and that will carry enough of a premium in and of itself.
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    Thanks for the response. I probably will just leave well enough alone on this one and keep the 9 grade
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    I think PSA is more strict when it comes to grading. You would probably end up with a 9. I'm sure a PSA 9 would be worth about the same if not more than a BGS 9.5. PSA seems to always outsell BGS.

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    I wouldn't resubmit,as you have 2 9's on the subgrade what if they bumped one of them down it could actually lessen your grade.Like others have posted a 9 on a 1/1 is going to sell itself and usually printing plates don't grade that high.
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