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    Try to look non threatening towards the camera Bob.

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    Lol poops
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    There's a surprising lack of mid-90s BAP cards in this thread.
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    90s? Did somebody mention the 90s?

    Great shot from this unforgettable (how I wish I could forget) set.

    It's that set again. Was Glen sent to the "time out" corner? At least he brought something to do.

    Can you just imagine pitching the idea for this winner of a set from the 90s? "Picture this...NHL rookies...on skates...with sticks...........IN TUXEDOS!!!!"

    Wade looking strange and creepy sucking on his WJHC gold medal.

    From one of the greatest UD sets of the 90s. Do you think Pat ever saw the movie "Deliverance"?

    So many bad cards from this set, but some stand out. Jason Arnott playing with his mighty white dolphin?

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    Don't know why the thread was moved but it took me forever to find it again.

    Here's some more:

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    Pat Falloon. Poor guy was often treated like the second-place consolation prize of the '91 draft after everyone became swept up with Lindros-mania. My old housemate referred to him as "Fat Balloon".

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