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    The Hall of Mediocre expands...7 new inductees

    As the title probably states, Im not a fan of the NFL "HOF"
    Yes, I believe the modern inductees (Allen, Carter, Parcells, Ogden, Sapp) deserved to get in

    The senior committee thing is a joke though- someone tell me A. how Dave Robinson and Curley Culp are more worthy than Michael Strahan and Jerome Bettis (or even Art Modell- and Im a Clevelander) and B. Why said senior committee guys are all of a sudden good enough, even after 30+ years of not being good enough

    The Hall is a joke, I hate to say- they should rename it the Hall of Mediocre, or at best, the Hall of Not too Terrible.

    When I think Hall of Fame- I done think Curley Culp and Dave Robinson...
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    Why don't they have coaches & other non players separate from players if you are going to have a limit? Doesn't make sense for them to be competing for the same spots in my opinion.
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    congrats to larry allen of the dallas cowboys and chris carter of the ohio state buckeyes
    great day for me

    congrats to the rest as well
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    The only reason most are not familiar with Robinson and Culp is that they played in an era long ago. I don't think this makes them less deserving of induction nor does it make the Hall less prestigious. I think it presents an opportunity for current fans to read and find out about some of these old-timers who laid the foundation for the league we all enjoy today.
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    My issue is this. Dave Robinson retired in I believe 1973. 5 years later is 1978, his first year of eligibility.

    Why is he good enough this year when he wasnt for 35 straight years? Same with Culp- what do these guys all of a sudden have that makes them hall of famers that they didnt have in the past many decades?
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    Another year goes by and Andre Reed gets looked over, what a joke.
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    how did sapp get in over guys that had way more sacks and were better strahan and greene

    agree reed should be in bettis what is going on why is he not in

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtsjr View Post
    how did sapp get in over guys that had way more sacks and were better strahan and greene

    agree reed should be in bettis what is going on why is he not in
    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the NFL Hall of Fame. Bill Parcells everyone said was a lock to go in on his first year but he didn't.
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    Bettis was not let in this year due too yards per carry for Career

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    denied because of 3.9 yards a carry, but they let Sapp in? That completely contradicts itself.
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