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    3 Boxes. 12 - Certified , 11 Gridiron Gear, 10 Topps unrivaled. Mojo? Think so

    Hey guys, so i tried to do a online break last night and not many were into it.
    My break last night was average. Pulled a few decent hits, nothing to write to mom about. Boy did i pull some jumpers this time.

    5 Boxes yesterday, best pull? 2012 Leaf Rookies & Stars Auto Jersey Trent Richardson

    So opening this Unrivaled first the very first pack was HUGE! I saved it to the very last pack of the whole break.

    Scans below.

    All F/T F/S (PM Please. It is hard to keep track of posts on threads. THanks)


    John Skelton Rookie /999
    Jerry Hughed Rookie /999
    Marcus Easley Rookie /999
    Vincent Jackson Unrivaled Veteran /999

    Brett Favre Gold /759
    Vernon Davis Gold /759
    Percy Harvin Gold /759
    Matthew Stafford /499
    Charles Scott /499
    Dan Marino /499


    Riley Cooper Rookie Auto /480
    Anthony McCoy Rookie Auto /780

    2011 Grid Iron

    Not going to list all the rookies. No Kaep or any Top Tier Base rookies.

    Christian Ponder Rookie Insert /250
    Julius Thomas Silver X /250
    Ahmad Bradshaw / Demarcus Ware /250
    Bob Sanders Nfl Nation /250
    Kevin Kolb Silver X /250
    Tim Tebow Gold X /100
    JJ Watt Silver X Rookie /250
    Darius Heyward Bey Silver X /250
    Terrelle Pryor Rookie


    Tyrod Taylor Rookie Gold Auto /299
    Torrey Smith Rookie Gold Jumbo Jersey /25
    Tony Gonzalez Patch /50

    2012 Certified

    Boomer Esiason Immortals /999
    Tommy Streeter New Generation /999
    Shaun Alexander Immortals /999
    Terrance greenway /250
    Morris Claiborne /250
    Legarrette blount /100


    Rueben Randle Patch 1 Color /299
    Ryan Broyles Freshmen Fabrics Jsy Auto /499
    Riley Reiff Rookie Auto Red /250

    Now the best hits from each box. The Grid Iron was pretty solid all the way around. Certified wasn't horrible, and the Unrivaled i thought i was going to get skunked on. Well let me know how you think i did.

    2012 Certified Rookie Materials Gold Patch Brock Osweiler /49

    I thought this was definately the best hit of the box. I was wrong!
    2011 GridIron NFL Pro GridIron Signatures /10 Jim Plunkett

    Now this is probably the best pull i have ever had. Let me know what you think
    2010 Topps Unrivaled 6 Way Auto Rookie Book. /10 Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Demaryius Thomas, Cj Spiller, Dez Bryant and Ryan Matthews.
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    Crazy book, congrats! Too bad it still isn't 2010 and you would of been bankin!

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    Yeah but it still sells pretty well.

    The last one sold at Best Offer, and i PMed the guy on Ebay asked him what he sold it for. Sold it for $400. So I'll Take it!
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    You pulled some nice Detroit Lions.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Awesome booklet! Congrats!


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    Jim Plunkett is gone already. Sad but hey I got a sweet PC 1/1 for it. It was numbered 10/30 btw typo
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    Nice Break, great hit on the booklet!
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    Yo, that book is sweet. Nice haul man.

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