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    3 more jumbo packs of 2013 Topps. Giants Mojo!

    I shouldn't of bought them since I already completed the set but they were the last 3 packs in the box and the shopkeeper said the auto hadn't been pulled yet so that convinced me. I'll list the inserts I have for trade on my tradelist in a few minutes. Here's the highlights of what I pulled.

    The profar and harper and for sale or trade for cards in my wantlist. The sandoval Im redeeming
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    Collecting ALL Allen Iverson Items
    PM Me If You Have ANYTHING!

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    Great break,nice to have a shop owner let you know the auto hadn't been pulled,it's tips like that that will keep you going back.Hope the Sandoval is multicolor.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    Good stuff,congrats!
    Interested in the Adam Jones Silk card.
    Pm me a dlvd price.
    Thank you!

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    Very nice break. Nice of shop owner to let you know on the auto
    I am an avid Atlanta Braves Auto collector. I am in the process of updating all my autos to a spreadsheet and organizing them. I am always looking for Atlanta Braves RCs Autos and also nice veteran autos.
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    What you looking to get for the Jones silk?
    Changing paths, no more set collecting. Just PC'ing Orioles Auto's and Patches.

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