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Thread: Looking to buy

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    How about 400 gift dlvd for this lot and will also throw in 15-20 inserts and rookies I find.

    /3 All 3 clr patches


    /49 2 clr patches



    My Lee Evans rookie leaf certified master set COMPLETE
    My Jordy Nelson Rookie Certified set, Need Mirror Emerald
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    Packers and nice autos. I DO NOT SEND PAYPAL GIFTS

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    Ill pass on the lot but pm me prices on stafford, butkus, rgiii/luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluecody View Post
    pm me prices on the wallace and crabtree autos
    PM sent. Thanks
    I Like: Russell Wilson, 49ers, Alfred Morris.

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    If you change your mind on the Big Ben and Rice autos, lmk. Both are below eBay at my price.
    Collect 49ers past and presents only.
    If you want DC then you pay half of the 20+ it costs!
    Pretty much done with this hobby
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    Anything here ? pcmb and check here!!!!!
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    Always looking for: Walter Payton autos, Brett Favre autos, Vintage Football, rookies, autos and patches in basketball and football, Notre Dame autographs and patches.

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