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    2 Topps 13 Blaster Boxes

    Went by Wal Mart today and picked up two Blasters.

    -1972 Topps Minis
    -Ian Kennedy
    -Johnny Cueto
    -Clayton Kershaw
    -Andrew McCutchen
    -Trevor Bauer
    -Chris Sale

    -Chasing History
    -Cal Ripken Jr
    -Ian Kinsler
    -Don Mattingly
    -Lou Brock

    -Calling Cards
    -David Ortiz
    -Willie Stargell
    -Aroldis Chapman
    -Albert Pujols

    -Chasing the Dream
    -Mike Trout x2
    -Casey Kelly

    -Cut to the Chase Die-Cut
    -Derek Jeter

    - Emerald Foil
    -Luke Hochevar
    -Gordon Beckham
    -Michael Brantley

    -Commemorative Patch
    -Anthony Rizzo
    -Nolan Ryan (Astros)

    -Adam Greenberg Rookie. Not worth anything, but it is a cool story after he got hurt his 1st MLB atbat and came back a few years later to have a 1 day contract.

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    Nice Ryan patch and Jeter diecut.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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