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    2- 2012 Bowman Chrome Blasters

    Been meaning to put this one on here. One was all refractors.

    Regular Refractors:
    -22: Adam Jones
    -97: Matt Kemp
    -158: Brett Gardner
    -168: Jordan Pacheco
    -BCP203: Marcos Camarena
    -BCP218: John Hellweg

    - 1: Roy Halladay
    -10: Derek Jeter
    -40: Alex Gordon
    -51: Carlos Santana
    -61: Gio Gonzalez
    -62: Shin-Soo Choo
    -86: Nick Swisher
    -128: Jake Shields
    -142: Dan Uggla
    -159: Wade Miley
    -174: Ryan Braun
    -177: Elian Herrera
    -193: Michael Morse
    -196: Tom Milone
    -205: David Freese
    -BCP121: Ravel Santana
    -BCP125: Donald Lutz
    -BCP127: Micael Earley
    -BCP132: Garrett Whittels
    -BCP160: Gary Apelian
    -BCP172: O'Koyea Dickson
    -BCP185: Logan Pevny
    -BCP188: Michael Antonio
    -BCP193: Evan Marshall
    -BCP207: Forrest Snow

    Purple Refractors
    -178: Quintin Berry
    -189: Will Middlebrooks

    Franchise All Stars
    -FAS-HO: Josh Hamilton and Mike Olt

    All Stars Futures Game
    -FG-BR: Bruce Rondon
    -FG-MO: Mike Olt

    Legends in the Making
    -LIM-JE: Jacoby Ellsbury
    -LIM-JW: Jered Weaver

    If you need any of these, let me know. I'm not doing a build, and I may have more, I just have to check. Also have some base if you need them.

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    Pretty good break,at least you got some decent names for your xfractors,and the legends in the making diecuts are nice.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    Yeah, I'm getting back into the hobby after years away. I like the way the new products look.

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    Not too bad. Way better then the stuff in the late 80's and early 90's!

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