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    2- 2012 Bowman Chrome Blasters

    Been meaning to put this one on here. One was all refractors.

    Regular Refractors:
    -22: Adam Jones
    -97: Matt Kemp
    -158: Brett Gardner
    -168: Jordan Pacheco
    -BCP203: Marcos Camarena
    -BCP218: John Hellweg

    - 1: Roy Halladay
    -10: Derek Jeter
    -40: Alex Gordon
    -51: Carlos Santana
    -61: Gio Gonzalez
    -62: Shin-Soo Choo
    -86: Nick Swisher
    -128: Jake Shields
    -142: Dan Uggla
    -159: Wade Miley
    -174: Ryan Braun
    -177: Elian Herrera
    -193: Michael Morse
    -196: Tom Milone
    -205: David Freese
    -BCP121: Ravel Santana
    -BCP125: Donald Lutz
    -BCP127: Micael Earley
    -BCP132: Garrett Whittels
    -BCP160: Gary Apelian
    -BCP172: O'Koyea Dickson
    -BCP185: Logan Pevny
    -BCP188: Michael Antonio
    -BCP193: Evan Marshall
    -BCP207: Forrest Snow

    Purple Refractors
    -178: Quintin Berry
    -189: Will Middlebrooks

    Franchise All Stars
    -FAS-HO: Josh Hamilton and Mike Olt

    All Stars Futures Game
    -FG-BR: Bruce Rondon
    -FG-MO: Mike Olt

    Legends in the Making
    -LIM-JE: Jacoby Ellsbury
    -LIM-JW: Jered Weaver

    If you need any of these, let me know. I'm not doing a build, and I may have more, I just have to check. Also have some base if you need them.

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    Pretty good break,at least you got some decent names for your xfractors,and the legends in the making diecuts are nice.
    All my teams stink.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Yeah, I'm getting back into the hobby after years away. I like the way the new products look.

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    Not too bad. Way better then the stuff in the late 80's and early 90's!

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