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    Spent a lot today, started bad, and ended lucky. Scan Heavy

    Stopped at my LCS today to see what was in. Bought a few high end things

    1. Best of football

    2. Bowman Sterling, gets worse

    3. 1 Box Prizm, Even worse

    4. 2 Boxes of 2012 Contenders, UPS Guy just delivered them as i was finishing the Prizm. got 6 autos in each box.

    5. A last box of Prizm was sitting on the shelf and for some reason i had to have it, luck starts changing.

    6. Felt a lucky streak coming so i tried a box of 2012 triple threads and pulled a white whale

    7. I'm about to leave, thinking i spent enough for the day when a box of 2012 finest football caught my eye, got 4 autos!

    And the final hit..........................................

    Trust me, it's worth the wait.............................................. .....

    This is going to becket for grading! Thanks for looking

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    Please use a blank to cover any jersey window while shipping. I collect Topps chrome and contenders autos and HOF autos.

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    Some nice pulls there the last couple boxes pulled through, I don't know how much they are selling for, but the Griffin Prizm Rc is the SP photo variation if I'm not mistaken.
    Those lucks are awesome, that Die Cut is pretty crazy.
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    I collect Darren Sproles, Daniel Thomas, T. Newman, other KStaters, Eric Hosmer and KC Royals, KC Chiefs and Jimmy Graham. Please PM with any questions.

    Thanks, James

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    Some great pulls!
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    Looking to add to this:
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    Congratulations on the Andrew Luck /25 autograph.

    -Robert Lewis

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    beauty of a luck!


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    There are a few of these going to beckett for grading, both lucks are at the top of the list!

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    Price on nick perry if selling


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    that Luck looks like it will grade well. Very nice pull!

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