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    hockey 10,000 lot insert (I WANT TO BUY)

    anyone have a huge lot of insert, mix stuff from any years to sell, even pacific or 2000 years (but would like a mix, not a lot of duplicate (but can). buying this... pm me. thank you very much!

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    I have a few hundred cards that fit that criteria. I know it's not a big lot, but I'll sell them for relitively cheap as they're just in my way right now. I think it's about 250-300, but if you PM me I can get you an exact count. Probably 50% rookies and 50% inserts.

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    I have a couple thousand mostly last 4 or 5 years ....what are you thinking, PM me

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    PM sent to both of you, thanks!

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    bump, i change my mind and could buy any big lot, i believe 10,000 was a bit too much ! if you guys have 1000 cards lot its cool too.... please PM :) ty

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    bump, still looking for massive insert lot, thanks, please PM me.

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    I can do a 1000 insert/parallel lot for $150 delivered
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