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    Congratulations on the Kaepernick autograph.

    -Robert Lewis

  2. Wata Photo
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    your son has the touch congrats!
    I collect Montee Ball, Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson, Mike Glennon, Chris Borland, Brett Smith
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    sweet pull. Right time to pull Kappy.
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    Collecting - Hoops. Kyrie, MJ. KD, Rose, George, Tobias Harris,Curry Kobe and some rookie autos. Thinking of building 12-13 Elite Passing the Torch auto Set.

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    thanks guys...let us know if your interested in anything

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    All this is still availiable...

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    pm sent to you............

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    Very interested in the Chandler Jones RC. Don't collect football too much though, willing to sell?

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