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    Trying to make some money

    Hey guys I'm trying to make at least $200 by Friday night. So I request that you guys pay first in just this occasion. I know it is In the rules that I'm supposed to send first on everything but I REALLY REALLY need money. I hope you guys will help me out. I dont know mich about baseball but these are what i have I'll be really lenient with prices Here's the list

    Magglio ordonez 2001 SP game bat milestone edition
    Magglio ordonez 2003 gallery original game used bat
    Manny Ramirez 2005(?) Allen & gingers jersey
    2002 bag around quad bat Shawn green/Larry walker/Sammy Sosa/ Luis Gonzalez
    Sammy Sosa 2004 donruss timber & threads 2 color jersey
    Eric Byrnes 2000 bowman auto
    Moises alou 2004 bazooka blasts GU bat
    Angel Guzman 2005 Cracker Jack auto
    Corey Patterson 2003 upper deck inite 2 color jersey
    Sammy Sosa 2002 Ex hit & run GU base
    Felix Sanchez 2003 donruss the rookies auto 906/1000
    Joe pepitone 2001 team topps legends auto
    Rich hill 2007 big league auto
    Corey Patterson 2001 leaf limited rookie jersey
    Michael wuerts 2004 leaf certified new generation auto 116/200
    Sammy Sosa 2004 fleer patch works 2 color patch 127/200
    Ryan Harvey 2004 bowman signs of the future auto
    Ferguson Jenkins 2002 flair greats GU pants
    Corey Patterson 2001 topps finest auto
    Nic Jackson 2002 bowman signs of the future auto
    Angel Guzman 2005 signs of greatness auto
    Angel pagan 2006 topps auto
    Corey Patterson 2000 fleer auto graphics auto
    Andre Dawson SP legendary bat bat

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    Think they changed the rule about sending first if it involves money. I believe buyer has to send money first. I think anyway I'm pretty sure I just read that somewhere on here.
    Changing paths, no more set collecting. Just PC'ing Orioles Auto's and Patches.

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