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    Of course, everyone ELSE'S pics are still cut in half :/
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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    TY, but that only fixes the view when I'm logged in. After I log out and go visit the page as an anonymous visitor, the half cut images remain. The point of the photobucket is not for my viewing pleasure. Its supposed to be for someone else, and a lot of the times, someone who doesn't use photobucket, to have an easy viewing experiences of my traders. And, at this point, I just don't care. Photobucket isn't such a great resource that I have to find a half dozen work around to make it work when other options are available.
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    Oh yah, I completely understand your point, if I want to look at someone else's bucket I have to do the slide show thing. I'm just too far into it to quit now, so Ima make the best of it. In all honesty, I just want to know how many cards I have, and to quit paying for doubles in the future.............
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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    I had my main traders bucket organized in alpha (file) order before Photobucket changed over to the beta (new) site, whereas my "random" folder is never maintained to any degree, since the uploads are generally just used for Show 'n Tell threads and the like. That could be why one is in order and the other is not.

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    Aaaaaaaaand, it doesn't matter anymore! Photobucket did something today and now all of my "libraries" are completely out of order. Thanks, Photobucket!

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