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    2 Jumbo Boxes of 2013 Topps (Scans)

    I scanned pretty much everything I pulled, sans the doubles and the Million Dollar chase (20), because I want to sell pretty much everything I pulled, including base. I do not trade or sell individual small cards but would like to do it as a lot.

    Anyways here ya go.

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    LMK on that Berkman Die Cut
    Lance Berkman / Astros Super-collector
    Other PCs: Star/HOFer RCs and Jordan Shipley

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    PLMK on all the Cardinals and the Choate
    Right now looking to sell my inventory so I can get new stuff
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    Good stuff ,congrats!
    Interested in the Gary Carter auto if available.
    Thank you!

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    What do you need for the Buster SP and Pence GU? I would also be interested in 3 of the Greats inserts (all but Griffey Jr.).

    Thanks, Adam
    I collect all former USC Trojan Football and Basketball players. I also collect SF Giants, Baseball HOF Auto and Rickey Henderson cards.
    I am a Supercollector of Willie McCovey & Ronnie Lott.
    Check out my bucket at: Hidden Content

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