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    looking for a ryan tannehill and doug martin auto

    anyone has any reasonable price one for me?

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    I have the Doug Martin Contenders if you are interested,
    Always looking for Husker & Broncos RC's
    Montee Ball Chrome, Brock Osweiler Chrome
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    yes you have a scan/ and pm me a price ,, thanks

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    Martin triple threads auto/relic #/99...scan in bucket
    Collecting anything Green Bay, RC Auto, and anything that catches my eye.

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    anyone else?

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    I have a doug martin elite hard hats auto /49- $30 dlvd

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    I have a Tannehill contenders variation auto, $75 dlvd. PM me for scan if interested.

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    hey man we have done plenty of deals
    im looking to get rid of a strata auto 3 color patch /15 of martin for 115....card has sold for as much as 155 in the past
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    cowboys site that is also for trade
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