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    4 packs of contenders 4 packs of threads = 4 hits

    Contenders got 1 auto and a good on



    Tyson Chandler Private Signings
    Marshon Brooks hardwood court auto
    Kyrie Irving GU.

    All is f/s.
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    Collecting - Hoops. Kyrie, MJ. KD, Rose, George, Tobias Harris,Curry Kobe and some rookie autos. Thinking of building 12-13 Elite Passing the Torch auto Set.

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    could use the Kyrie GU if I had anything else you were interested in.

    Collecting LeBron James, ANYTHING and EVERTYTHING. Emphasis on RCs!
    Also LF: Irving, Varejao, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Waiters, Zeller and Thompson in that order.

    I trade by BDV (Ben Denham Value). I will use BV and SV as a starting point, but in the end it is all about what it is worth to me!
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