I am starting a new project and collecting Star/HOFer RCs. The challenging part is that I will try to get them in alphabetical order (alphabetical by first letter of last name, not by whole last name). For example, Hank Aaron doesn't necessarily have to come in front of somebody like Roberto Alomar, as long as they start with an A, order doesn't matter. The rookies I do have, will be hyperlinked to the scan I took of them. I AM NOT GOING FOR ANY ROOKIES PREVIOUS OF 1948 AND SOME HIGH END HOFer RCS MAY NOT BE DONE UNTIL END!!

1. I can only trade
2. No Parallels, Inserts, GU, or Autos; JUST RCs

Now I will list players that I think are stars and I would like to get RCs of, please don't try to persuade me that someone on the list is/isn't a star. I'd prefer to trade singles or in small lots. Here is the list for the A's:

Aaron, Hank
1954 Topps #128

Alomar, Roberto
1988 Donruss #34
1988 Fleer Update #122
1988 Leaf/Donruss #34
1988 Score Rookie/Traded #105T
1988 Topps Traded #4T

Aparicio, Luis
1956 Topps #292

Ashburn, Richie
1949 Bowman #214

Andrus, Elvis
2009 O Pee Chee #583
2009 SP Authentic #145
2009 Topps #591
2009 Topps 206 #138
2009 Topps Allen & Ginter #89
2009 Topps Chrome #294
2009 Topps Heritage SP #695
2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom /199 #224
2009 Topps Unique /2699 #195
2009 Ultimate Collection /599 #57
2009 Upper Deck #944
2009 Upper Deck First Edition #388
2009 Upper Deck Icons /999 #112
2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars #102

Ausmus, Brad
1992 Topps #58

Please LMK if you have any on this list. Thanks to everybody who helps out!!