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    It was a great game and the Leafs beat the Habs soundly, the habs played like girls (sorry insult to girls, lol )
    Anyways it was a great game, and as usual the rivilary is always intense between habs and leafs whether its a regular season game or playoffs or even pre season.
    not sure about the cellar dwellers comment, but if they are boy did the basement kick the junk out of the Habs that night!!!!!!!

    cant wait for the next habs/leafs game

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    Love it. Can't win if we don't post, can't win if our word count exceeds certain parameters that are ad hoc created by the people who either don't want us to post or to post. I think I've established pretty clearly over the years what when I'm making a point I'm pretty thorough and as such it takes more than 140 characters sometimes to flesh out a point so that there's no room for error or misinterpretation of where I stand.

    And I'll again state that I speak for myself - there's millions of Habs fans out there and I can't control all of them so yes, in all likelihood if you were to walk down rue Canadiens de Montreal after a Habs win over Toronto you would probably get a comment or two. Maybe even un ou deux en francais. Not everyone shares my opinion about how "the rivalry" exists largely among only the fans and largely in the favour of Leafs fans who devour their Toronto media who tell them on a regular basis that "the rivalry" not only exists but is very relevant in today's NHL. And that's needed from a Toronto perspective to sell papers and get people watching the TV. On our side, we've got Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh and others to contend with and verbally battle and argue over playoff series and victories and the like.

    S'all good, enjoy your hot streak Leafs fans.
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    To say that Leaf-Habs games mean nothing to Habs fans is a valiant attempt to deflect what happened Saturday night.

    Perhaps they don't mean much to you, but in the main, they mean a lot to both sides.

    As for the Grab-Patches incident, all I have to say is #breathingrights
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